Old School or Sports Sweatshirts

We pay big money for sweatshirts or tee shirts with our children's school logo on them...or a team that our husband or children follow.When the shirts get too small, we usually give them away. Instead, cut a big square, with  the entire logo in it and make them a throw pillow. If there is a pocket, include it in the pillow. Use the back of the shirt for the back of the pillow. If using a tee shirt, cut the logo and sew that to a square of fleece and proceed....more

Why I'm Not A Soccer Mom

Fall has both officially and seasonally arrived here in the North East, marked by crisp but sunny days and sweater-worthy nights. In my house fall also means outdoor weekend adventures, the occasional homemade soup and pajamas before 7 pm. For other parents in my town, however, fall is soccer season, a period of several months where their kids are bending it like Beckham three times a week, rain or shine....more
I tried t-ball with my daughter when she was about 5. She was great all through practice but ...more

How Do You Spell Contentment? 70 and Mighty Active!

Note From Cece: Yun and I have a friend named Barry Stone. We all met training for an endurance bike ride several years ago. Barry is pressing 70 and has had serious heart problems but has remained stubbornly active his entire life. Recently, post heart surgery, one of his daughters was going to take his bike saddle off his bike, so he could not ride off when he should have been recovering from surgery….they also planned to hide his running shoes!...more

The Summer I Trained With Body Builder Cathy Palyo

The year was 1988, summer, I was a mom in my early 30s, with three children, and had started seriously training with weights at home and at our local gym to get back into shape. I’d already been following the female body-building world (magazines, ESPN’s broadcasts of competitions, and up-close at a local competition where Marjo Selin and Charla Sedacca, known for her biceps, were guest posers) and I suddenly caught the fever; I wanted to be a bodybuilder. I was hooked....more
My husband thought I should come back and mention something very important he remembered about ...more

Sporting Style At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week In New York

Often touted as the “Super Bowl” of fashion, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week brings the biggest names in the business together to exhibit their newest collections. In recent years, athletes have become a prominent presence at runway shows, making a name for themselves among the fashion elite. From the newcomers to the veterans, sports stars are embracing high-style more than ever. Quarterbacks, tennis players and power forwards are among those being tapped by top fashion houses to front campaigns and assist with design....more

Of Posturing, Politics, Predators, and Power Grabs

How's that for some alliteration?  Or should I say, "obliteration?" I am now going to write on a topic I know virtually nothing about: college football.  Though it's probably invisible to those who live well outside of the heart of flyover country, a major athletic conference here is currently imploding at the behest of powerful and greedy folks all over these United States. And in its wake, this implosion will leave local and regional economies in tatters and major university brands tarnished.  Wait, institutions of higher learning have brands?&nbs...more

Instigating Football Mischief - Roll Tide Roll

Today is opening day of college football. In my house that means opening day of rivalry fun. I'm not historically a sports nut by any means, but I have become an enthusiast in my 4 years of  shacking-up with a sports nut. And because I have a latent competitive streak, I can get a little rabid about the teams I choose to make my own....more

Football Friday

I have another blog called NCAA lives here but I haven't posted much on it simply because I couldn't come up with enough sports topics so I haven't done much with it. One major issue I have is that I simply do not know enough about football/sports to have a blog solely dedicated to it. Instead, I've decided to sprinkle in what I will be calling "Football Friday". Maybe when football season is over, I will have "Monday Madness" for basketball or something along those lines....more

crab fishin'

Though we prefer going to the lake house during the winter, we usually spend our summer vacations there too. This year wasn’t any different.  The thing I like the most about going there is all the nature and wildlife that surround us. (I should bring the camera with me more often, so I don't miss anything. Last week we bumped into a curious, supercute squirrel standing on a tree branch. It was staring at us just waiting for me to take its picture......more

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