(STUDY) Findings on Sport Moms and Sport Daughters

So it didn't surprise us that moms were much more likely to be with kids when they visited the doctor for a youth sports injuries. What did surprise us is how many dads were present as well. Out of 989 office visits, dads were at the appointment 44.7% of the time. However, dads are significantly more likely to be at an appointment if it is their son who is injured, irrespective even of a child's age. ...more

What's worth noting as well that a mom was at the office visit for the sports injury (regardless ...more

Baseball Is a Game of Passion

Baseball is an emotional game. I learned that from my grandfather, a Cardinals fan. I like minor league ball. The best game I ever watched was a Triple A league. The players weren’t as polished as the big leaguers, but they had heart. Forget the plush corporate skyboxes and fancy scoreboards. I want baseball with emotion....more

And see some of that real baseball! ;p
I'm a Giants fan and your guys impressed me!

A ...more

I'm Okay with Being a Soccer Mom

Last year, we realized that if our ten-year-old was going to continue to play soccer, he would need the more focused, professional coaching that comes at the competitive club level as opposed to recreation leagues with parent coaches. In club leagues, you typically pay for a professional coach who teaches more than just the basic rules of the game and good sportsmanship - they teach individual skills, athletic conditioning, game strategy and team development. It’s a big commitment, both in money and time. ...more

I have three boys but only one who is old enough to play sports competitively at this point. The ...more

Take me out to the ballgame..

Does anyone know what today is? Here is a hint: ...more

At the barn...

My son is a true delight and someone I get to share my absolute adoration of horses with. Thankfully he is pretty into it and has a blast at the barn and always announces to me that the barn is "fun". Riding for me is my peace time, doing dressage is hard work, quite physically demanding on both horse and rider, well very demanding on the horse! Riding this way, has taught me great patience, to chose your arguments carefully and to just let somethings go for the short term and address them later....not everything needs to be dealt with right now....more

Ralph Nader Wants To Put An End To Athletic Scholarships

Ralph Nader wants to put an end to those pesky college athletic scholarships. Why? Nader says he wants to "de-professionalize" college athletics. *sigh* ...more
Agreed, Athletic Scholarships are a way out for many kids who are at a disadvantage. The bigger ...more

Athletes Think Faster

Can playing sports actually help focus your brain? Researchers are starting to think so. An article published in The Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine earlier this month shows research that seems to support the theory that athletes excel not only at sports, but at every day tasks. ...more

Interesting topic Sarah! I'll tweet this as well. It certainly makes sense about the physical ...more

Why I Hope My Girls Will Play Sports

My husband and I hope to have a pair of kids down the road. If one or more turns out to be a girl, you can bet I’ll be looking to put them in soccer as soon as they turn four. I started playing soccer when I was four, shortly after my dance instructors told my parents I was better suited for something that allowed me to run wild. While I don’t really remember the few dance lessons I took, I do remember my first day of soccer, asking for the number one for my jersey and when that was taken, asking for four, since I was four years old. ...more

My parents put me in sports when I was young, and I agree that is was an incredible experience ...more

Parenting to the Buzzer

In December, I got an email from a professor asking if any students were interested in coaching basketball teams for the YMCA near our school. I won’t say that I jumped at the opportunity, but I thought about it for a while and decided that it sounded like something that I would be able to squeeze into my schedule and that I’d really enjoy being a part of. So in January, I began spending 2 hours a week with a bunch of 7 and 8 year old girls. ...more

i think parents' obsession with being the best is a reflection of our country's obsession with ...more

Finding Your Sport

In August, Big I came to me and made a request. She wanted to quit jiu-jitsu so she could concentrate more on swimming. After she failed to achieve county qualifying times for a single event and after missing out on a ribbon at the novice meet too, I was a little surprised. In the past, she tried t-ball and field hockey. Neither of them held her interest and she wanted to quit almost as soon as she started. I figured that swimming would have discouraged her too. As she watched her friends collect trophies and ribbons, I feared that her motivation to continue would wain. ...more