NFL Lockout Finally Ends

I teared up a little bit when I saw the news.The vote was unanimous. All 32 team representatives speaking for 1,900 members of the  NFL Players Association voted to accept the 10 year deal presented to them by the NFL Owners....more
A super bowl? Is it filled with chocolate?!more

Sports | Children in Fencing

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit an dear friend of mine.  We've been friends for almost 20 years.  Alex and I became friends when we were fencing in college.  He and his wife own the Peekskill Fencing Center in Peekskill, NY (www.pee...more

Global Sports Sexist Interview With Brittany Waters

Brittany Waters, one of Canada’s top rugby players, was profiled on Global BC TV’s News Hour Sports. The interview started out like most athlete features in which we heard some background information on how she got into the sport and some of her accomplishments. Eventually, it went off the rugby field and down sexism street....more

Sports For The Middle-Aged Child

This is my husband, Gordy. Gordy is great husband, a marvelous father, .... and a sports-aholic.Gordy loves sports. ...more

I love your advice that it's "better to wear out than rust out!" You are so right! In fact, ...more

Don't Take No for an Answer

by Lianne Castelino If I had a penny for every time my kids said 'no' to trying something new - be it a food item, clothing, activity or sport - we'd be zillionaires.   Okay, maybe just billionaires! Truth is most kids for the most part will reject anything foreign, never-seen-before, new.  But as a parent, we cannot be deterred. ...more

Conversations with Charlie - Football Teams

In Texas college football is the King and high school football is the Crown Prince. I am not a football fan. I'm pretty clueless about the game which is sad because I was in marching band in high school. Go Hastings Bears! I was at every single stinkin' football game and still didn't realize players switched ends every quarter until my senior year. ...more

I would watch him play anyday...:) X-Men football would be an awesome sport!more

Is it Discrimination When Pregnant Athletes are Banned from Sport?

Pregnant Women Bans in Sport: Is This Discrimination and Why Does it Keep Happening? The all time most popular blog post on my blog is, over a month after it was written, my op ed piece entitled "...more

Whether or not an athlete is playing a contact sport should be factored into the guidelines. ...more

It's Never to Late to Get in the Game

Today I had the distinct pleasure of playing doubles tennis with Mrs....more

US Open - Top Five Memories

Mia M. Jackson •  Sideline Pass • Up close and sporty! Rory McIlroy rocked the U.S. Open with a record 16 under par. Until Sunday, I’d watched many a round of golf from the comfort of home. Thanks to one of SP Dads, I was at the tournament close enough to witness golf history, duck to avoid errant swings and want to hit that guy who screams “it’s in the hole.”  Quickly, here are my top five U.S. Open memories:...more

Upcoming NFL season, can we please get some fantasy football

Ive recieved numerous text message's phone calls and emails from some contacts I have in the world of sports over the past week. Most have stated the lock out was going to either be over that nite or with in the week. Now these are people that I and allot of other people trust, probably a few of you do as well. Now Monday's blow up pushed a deal back but a deal is coming and will be done by July. So full training camp and 16 game season, that also means fantasy football is coming and work days are about to be filled with football googles and fantasy transactions....more