A Note from the Baseball Bleachers from Your Mom

Hey #6. Watching you from the bleachers, you look like a big kid smacking on Big League Chew wearing your uniform that includes a belt. You never wear a belt. Your face is mostly serious, concentrating on the next play, what you'll do if the ball makes it to you. Then you run and jump, just messing around, and you look like a nine-year-old boy again. ...more

The Decline of Baseball - And Why It Matters

Years ago I read the book A Reasonable Life: Toward a Simpler, Secure, More Sane Existence by Ference Matte.  In this book, Matte laments the loss of simple pleasures, among them baseball.  He compares the joys of a Sunday afternoon pick-up game to the intense, high stakes sport that kids play today....more

Can You Play Golf Drunk?

There are some sports that you should never participate in while drunk, such as sky-diving or race car driving. However, what about golf? Is it acceptable to play golf while knocking back a few cold beers? Some golf courses will have a bar on site, but are you supposed to wait until you have finished your game before you enjoy a nice tasty cocktail or a beer?...more


First she was considered for the job, then she was offered the job.  Line judge Sarah Thomas became the first full-time female official for the NFL.  She was hired along with 8 male officials, for the upcoming season.  The news is a twitter over it, and rightly so - it's pretty groundbreaking stuff!It appears she's qualified, experienced, and equally capable of the position - even good at it.  I'm all for this kind of girl power.  ...more

10 Steps to Building Your Kid’s Recruiting Confidence

The athletic recruiting process can be brutal.  Often the student athletes will bear the stress of time management, academics, athletics, training, rejection and excitement silently.  In this period of their high school career, the mom’s intuitive powers, love and attention will be crucial to their self-esteem....more

7 Signs your kid’s recruiting is in Jeopardy

There is much confusion around knowing when a coach is really recruiting a student athlete.  While this is one of the major considerations, there are other indicators that your child’s recruiting journey is off track and it can be early on in the process....more

6 Ways to Run Faster

For those of us who aren’t record holders; the runners who can’t afford a coach or trainer and people new to the world of running—keep going, you can get faster! We’ve had to be creative to find new ways to improve our speed. Our friends might think that we’re crazy and our race calendar might be bigger than our social calendar, but we’ve made a commitment to get faster.See the full post here: 6 Ways to Run Faster...more

The NFL's Steps Against Domestic Violence Aren't Enough

Whether you watched the Super Bowl for the game, for the commercials, for the halftime show, or perhaps not at all, chances are you saw or heard about the first anti-domestic violence commercial that aired during the big event. The commercial was sponsored by NO MORE in partnership with the NFL. It was placed among many other hard-hitting commercials that stood out in stark contrast to the normally comedic advertisements. If you missed it, you can watch the chilling video here: ...more

5 Steps to Start Your Kid’s Athletic Recruiting Journey

Kids are being recruited as early as 8th grade; the pressure on parents to begin their child’s recruiting efforts earlier and earlier is on the rise. While this is the extreme, the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) has not taken any steps to date to limit this phenomenon....more