Astro Reviews

There are a lot of people who call themselves baseball fans who have not watched a single inning of the Houston Astros in recent memory. It is hard to argue with that thought process, especially when you see that they are one of the worst teams in the game right now. With that being said, one guy who is starting to take off as a pretty solid pitcher for the team in general is Dallas Keuchel. He is showing that he is a very dependable guy for the most part, and he should be able to provide value for the Houston Astros for the next few years in fantasy baseball....more

Competitive Sports: Just a Game - or More Than That?

I have always encouraged my kids to keep their sports participation in perspective.  "It's just a game" or "It's just a race" are phrases I have often uttered. This week, I am re-examining that philosophy. ...more

My Open Letter to NFL Commissioner Goodell

     Dear Commissioner Goodell,In your press conference today, you mentioned over and over again the fact that you, and the NFL need help. Specifically, that you need expert advice on the organization's conduct policy.As a professional in student conduct, but really more so as a human being with basic where-with-all, my advice is simple:...more

3 Keys to The Success of Serena Williams

Serena Williams is, without a doubt, one of the greatest tennis players of our time. In fact, some will contend that Serena's greatness goes beyond the tennis court. To this point, Ian Crouch recently wrote a post for The New Yorkerwhere he presents the argument that Serena is the greatest American athlete. While Crouch's opinion is debatable, Serena's distinction is undeniable....more

How to Be a Great Sports Parent

I'm a firm believer that youth sports provide a platform for learning many life lessons. Sports programs, for the most part, help young minds grow, expand, and develop kids' confidence and talents. ...more
Thank you, AmyBovaird! Appreciate your thoughts. I figured if it resonated with me, then it ...more

Why The Ravens Should Have Kept Ray Rice

I am a resident and native of Baltimore, MD. Baltimoreans love, love, love their football team–The Ravens. I live just a few stop signs away from the Ravens headquarters. And you best believe that my neighborhood bleeds purple and black....more

Hey Buffalo Bill's!

It has been a rough last few years for the Buffalo Bills as far as competing in the NFL is concerned. For starters, they are in the same division as the New England Patriots, so it is pretty tough to be a playoff contender with that juggernaut stealing the spotlight. However, they have really not had a lot of success through the draft either. They are hoping that things change heading into 2014 fantasy football now that they have some young talent to build around....more

Why is this not already a rule with everything?

(Note: By "footballers" I think they mean soccer players, but this really should apply to all sports anyway.)So the headline reads: "Post-concussion 'return-to-play' decision for footballers should be made solely by doctors." Really? We don't already have that as a rule?...more

New study shows which teens most at risk for emotional symptoms post-concussion

Researchers at the University of Kentucky looked at athletes between 12 and 17 who had "persisting symptoms" for about 37 days after they experienced a concussion. (Any teens with psychological issues were excluded in advance.)They found that 22 of the 37 had emotional symptoms (depression, irritability, frequent mood changes, anxiety, aggression, apathy or excessive emotional reactions) and the other 15 did not. The different? ...more