If you kid plays football, read this

My husband is from Alabama, where football is HUGE. (Even non-football fans will likely have heard of the Alabama vs. Auburn football rivalry.) He wants our son to play football and I'm completely against based on everything I read about concussions and CTE.I've posted about NFL players developing CTE (an Alzheimer's-like diseased caused by multiple concussions) and several having committed suicide because of it. And now there's a new study that shows the effects of concussions may start even earlier.A recent study of 75 college students found some disturbing results....more

NFL Not For Lust


Athletes attend the White House Correspondents Dinner

The White House Correspondents’ Association held their Centennial dinner on Saturday, May 3, 2014. Joel McHale, star of the NBC series Community and host of E!’s The Soup is the headliner. Recently, the event has been dubbed a #nerdprom but celebs and reality stars have been making their appearances. ...more

The cause of your kid's concussion is partly due to where you live

Where I read the headline, "Research provides new insight into rural versus urban causes of childhood concussion," I thought for sure I knew what I'd be reading. I figured it was "kids in the country get sports concussions and kids in the city get it from abuse or accidents or something." WRONG.Researchers from Western University say that youth living in urban areas (cities) sugger concussions mostly from sports. And surprisingly, hockey accounts for 40% of those! (I would have guessed football.)...more


This past Sunday on the “ This Week with George Stephanopoulos” ,  host, Martha ran a segment on whether or not Student Athletes should be paid.  While the NCAA has considered this in the past, the subject seems to come up every year or so.  ...more

Little League Isn't for Kids

The kids asked me after my Princess Disney Half Marathon if I won. I love the possibilities of youth. After all it is a race, their mom is awesome, of course she won. There's that pesky truth we know as adults: Someone is always faster. I try to explain to them the nuance of success. The woman who won the race holds the American record for the half marathon. Her record is 1 hour and 7 minutes. There's a lot I can do in an hour and seven minutes, but running 13.1 ain't one of 'em. ...more
JoyfullyGreen  Thanks for the shout out. I really enjoyed reading through your blog! You have a ...more


With the recent advances in recruiting, football recruiting has accelerated. With that said, the NCAA announced this week that they are considering moving up the signing day for Football. ...more

A Giving Challenge for Soccer Moms and Fans

I've never been much of a soccer fan until my son started playing the sport and I became an official soccer mom.  Soccer is growing in popularity in the U.S. professionally, but the world loves the sport, and fans are getting ready to cheer at the World Cup in Brazil. ...more


We have been dreaming the dreams and watching them unfold before our eyes, now is the time to do all the work. We are done with some of Sports major winter events, now is the time to set a solid foundation in your child’s in your son/daughters recruiting efforts. There are unseen hours of work behind these major events and so it is for your child’s athletic recruiting process.  Put the wheels in motion to making those dreams happen for your kids.  Let’s start at the beginning Mom’s and your first step on this amazing journey…. Go to the NCAA website at NCAA.org. ...more

The Citi Every Step of the Way Program Needs Your Support

For the past couple weeks, the whole world has been buzzing about all the exciting spectacles taking place in Sochi....more