We have been dreaming the dreams and watching them unfold before our eyes, now is the time to do all the work. We are done with some of Sports major winter events, now is the time to set a solid foundation in your child’s in your son/daughters recruiting efforts. There are unseen hours of work behind these major events and so it is for your child’s athletic recruiting process.  Put the wheels in motion to making those dreams happen for your kids.  Let’s start at the beginning Mom’s and your first step on this amazing journey…. Go to the NCAA website at ...more

The Citi Every Step of the Way Program Needs Your Support

For the past couple weeks, the whole world has been buzzing about all the exciting spectacles taking place in Sochi....more

Warning: If your son (or daughter) plays football

My husband is from Alabama, where football is the sport of choice. He wants our son to play football but I don't. The more I read about it, the worse I feel just thinking about him playing in elementary school!And then I run across this new study:

Top Recreational Sports for Good Health

If you're looking to stay in shape, there's no better way to reach your goal than with an activity you love to do. There's a major difference between "heading to the gym" and playing a sport. Among other things, you'll find it a lot easier to motivate yourself with a sport that's fun to play. Not only will you stay in shape, with many of these spots you'll also enjoy a little friendly competition, have a chance to catch up with your old friends, and maybe meet some new friends....more

Why I Didn't #BoycottSochi

I’ll be honest when I start this off.I am not a sports fan.I’m ok with playing some of them — I’ll play volleyball, quite happily.  I love swimming.  I’ve dabbled in snowboarding.  I like to think I’m a runner, even though I haven’t run in months, haha…. I love cardio kick boxing…But I participate in every single one of those....more

Winter Olympics Theme Songs

I admit it; I'm an Olympics junkie.  I have been ever since I was in high school, when all anyone could talk about was the "Miracle on Ice" at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid (which was anything but placid at the time).  Summer or winter, when the Olympics is broadcast I am glued to the television like some wide-eyed limpet, regardless of the sport.  In fact, when the Olympics is on, I'll watch sports I would never otherwise give a second glance (I'm looking at you, Race Walking and Cross-Country Skiing)....more


I'm 33 years old and trying to stay as fit as possible....more

What Makes Brady Elite

Ask anyone and they could name you a handful of elite quarterbacks past and present, but what they cant tell you is why. What makes a terrific quarterback? many people would say "oh he has a great arm" but if it were that simple Brady Quinn would be one of the best quarterbacks ever. Other people would say it's outstanding athleticism, or accuracy, or smarts but Michael Vick, Chad Pennington, and Andy Dalton respectively have one of these traits but they are not elite.  Every quarterback in the NFL has a good arm, and can make all the throws, So what is it that makes Brady elite?...more

The Impending Impact of Shane Vareen

Football Camp in Ireland for $3500. Easy, right?!

Football Camp in Ireland for $3500. Easy, right?My teenager really loves football....more
Karen Ballum Wow! Two days?! It does really suck. And it was would be so much easier to brush ...more