Is there some sort of sports things going on?

The only time I know that a sporting event is going on is when I check my facebook. My feed will be flooded with all sorts of hashtags for things that I have to google like the Final Four. Final Four what? Oh, basketball something. Okay. Cool. I'm just not into sports at all--unless the Scripps National Spelling Bee counts. Hey, those kids train hard--all that heavy reading and practicing has to count for something. You try to spell "guetapens" in front of a live audience. ...more

The Culture of Team Sports: How Did It Go So Wrong?

The Culture of Team Sports: How Did It Go So Wrong?If you are anything like me, the recent events of Steubenville and Rutgers are weighing heavily on your mind.  If you think the two aren’t related, I ask you reconsider.   ...more

What ball do you chase?

       Steps4Health tweets and blogs nutrition and fitness information. This particular blog posting is just a lighthearted reflection on some of the sports games we play for fun and fitness. Do you play a sport? Do you play a sport where you must chase a ball? When you hear the phrase, "Let's go hit some balls," which sport do you think of? Do you think of golf, tennis, baseball, or other sports?      Golfers want to go hit some balls, so do tennis players....more

Like a Bullet in the Chamber

Some poor sod is having a bad PR day. Turns out Nike’s advertising campaign featuring Oscar Pistorius likens the athlete to a bullet in the chamber.Problem is Pistorius has been accused of releasing four real bullets from the chamber of a 9 mm pistol and killing his girlfriend. ...more

Athletes beat scholars on brain test

A professor at the University of Montreal's School of Optometry found that prof and elite amateur athletes have better developed perception than the average college student. In the study, participants had to describe a series of simulated objects moving through three dimensions. The pro athletes processed the scenes fastest, then the amateur athletes, then the non-athlete college students. The skills needed to correctly interpret the moving scenes are skills similar to those needed for driving, crossing the street or (no surprise) playing a sport. But as the professor points out, i...more

Super Bowl Sparkling Cocktails

In my household, Super Bowl isn't just a day where we gather around the tv and watch men running with a ball across a large grassy field while trying to avoid getting tackled by the opposing team. It's an event. We usually have anywhere between 20 and 40 of our closest football-loving friends over. Decorations start going up a few days before game day and eventually they cover practically every square inch of blank space. ...more

Sports Mom Blues

I dislike sports. The only reason I ever attended a game of any kind was easily attributed to one of several factors:A friend wanted to go.There was a cute guy there I wanted to see.I was in band, so I had to play for the games.My dad took me.My kid is in a sport.Sigh. Enter the gates of hell.Image via shutterstock...more

Alex you ARE a super hero!

In the last two years we have done some future planning with Alex. We have used the PATH process to help Alex articulate her dreams for her future and the steps needed to make these dreams positive and possible. ...more

Do Not Stress Over Your Competition In Sports

By: Stan Popovich Many athletes sometimes get anxious when they going against a tough opponent. They get nervous on who they are competing with and they get so worked up that they lose focus on playing their sport. In the end, they make mistakes and end up beating themselves up if they do not win. As a result, here is a list of techniques that an athlete can use to help manage the stress of going against the competition. The first step is to learn as much as you can on your opponent....more