Well, it finally happened.

Today's the day I had to choose support for President Obama or my (inexplicable) lifelong allegiance to the Chicago Cubs.  While the charm of Wrigley Field, malt cups, the team's rich history, and the generations of shared misery keep Cubby fans bleeding blue year after year, there has been one thing I have always managed to look past.  It wasn't the falling pieces of stadium that sparked "tear Wrigley down" cries from non-believers a couple of years ago.  It isn't their less-than-stellar record...year after year after year....more


 When I was at school the only sports I ever enjoyed was running. I would keep on running, running & running. It was a way for me to escape everything & block the world out as my feet pounded the school field & my legs just kept on moving. ...more

Little League's First Girl

An unsung American hero played on a bittersweet field where the personal intersected sharply with the political. Thanks to her, there are now over 300,000 girls playing Little League.  ...more

Un-Sporty Spice (That's a Spice Girls reference)

I'm joining in on the NaBloPoMo fun over at BlogHer and becoming inspired to write every day!  Want to join?  Click the badge below to get started! ...more

A Toddler Sports Primer

The real explanation behind professional athletes is not necessarily innate or inherent talent. It is the ability not to kill themselves as toddlers.Baseball: Get hit in the head with a ball. Chase after it. Get distracted by the tee. Canvass the backyard clutching the bat and tee stand.Hockey: Slip and slide in socks across the kitchen floor stick tapping the tile until your brother takes you out with *his* stick. Giggle when Mom puts you both in the penalty box....more
Great List! My littlest is still a rock climber!more

The Secret Weapon

Shhhh!  Don't tell anyone but this season I'm the secret weapon. On my softball team. And I've never even played before. I take that back. I've played a little. I subbed as needed last summer, but I wasn't any good. Failed most at bats. Never got anyone out. It wasn't my fault though. No one would throw me the ball. Ever.            This season though, I've only struck out once. See, I use the Think System. You know, like Professor Hill in The Music Man. If you think you can play music, you will....more

PAD Challenge--Day 25

The history of poetry is a long and honored one. Sports has been around since the ancient Greeks decided to codify it. The Mayans used sport to make decisions. And today, the two came together on the Poem-A-Day Challenge. Write a sports poem. read the prompt. Easy for him to say.But write a poem I did. I took a look at where things in the sports world began and how it is now. The differences are staggering in some ways. The result was as much, I think, about how man and his pursuits have changed as it is about how sports have shifted emphasis and practice....more

Be Somebody

This past weekend I got a text from my sister.  She was watching her son play little league, kid-pitch baseball and said she had a blog post idea for me.  It seems that when some of the young boys (age11 or so) were up to bat, their parents would yell, "BE SOMEBODY!".  The thought that parents were doing this to their children appalled me, and her, obviously....more

To the Tony Romo haters....

With all of the hoopla surrounding Tim Tebow, the Saints, and Peyton Manning, I'd like to take a moment to go in a different direction. I have payed attention to the details and noticed some bold moves with free agents this off season, and it requires some attention. However, my intent today is to defend my quarterback and the Cowboy's organization. ...more

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