Starbucks' First Coffee Shop & A $50 Giveaway

The first time we visited Seattle, I had a list of places to go and things to see, and Starbucks’ first coffee shop in the Pike Place market topped that list. Being a huge coffee fan, and a regular Starbucks girl, I was super excited to check out the cafe for the first time. Located in the heart of the Pike Place Market in Seattle, Starbucks’ first location is a huge tourist attraction. However, there is one little secret about this coffee shop – it’s actually not the first Starbucks location. Did I blow your mind?...more

How Billie Holiday, Hoboken Coffee and The Pioneer Woman Talked Me Down from my Starbucks Addiction

Technology news is full of information about self-tracking apps helping to "quantify" yourself.  Fitbits track your sleep and exercise.  Apps like Mint help you track your spending, let's just stop right there.  Apps like Mint track your spending patterns and help you see how out of control your coffee drinking habits are....more

Frozen Pudding Snickerdoodle Sandwiches + Starbucks Gift Card Giveaways through 6/13!

Frozen "ice cream sandwiches" made from a chewy, homemade Snickerdoodle cookie recipe, with vanilla pudding in the middle. Cinnamon, sugar, vanilla - mmm, perfect summertime treat! (Plus a Starbucks gift card giveaway for a couple of lucky readers!) I am in no way affiliated with nor have I been compensated by Starbucks....more

100 Words: A Small Coffee

She was tall and thin, wearing attractive dark rimmed rectangular glasses and a crisply tailored belted overcoat atop impeccably styled clothing, and approached the counter briskly. "I'll have a Venti half caf, double shot, two pump sugarfree vanilla, nonfat, extra hot, no whip, Mocha." The barista nodded as she scribbled cryptic notes on a paper cup and repeated, "Venti half caf, double shot, two pump sugarfree vanilla, nonfat, extra hot, no whip, Mocha." A card was presented and swiped. Then it was his turn. He fumbled in his pocket for loose change. ...more


…and I don’t mean goats…. I came into the office today via my usual, the bus. Same loud teenagers going to school get on and of course, my earphones go in. I was vegging out and one girl gets one the bus, wearing her uniform of a local Catholic high school , carrying… A VENTI CUP FROM STARBUCKS. When I was that age bracket,**yes, I am old enough to embrace that phrase now**, I was lucky to have cash to buy a can of Coca-cola.I’ve been to Starbucks and have seen their prices.This girl has a venti cup every day. Wish I had her parents’ money. ...more

Some of my Fave discoveries from Today

Today I spent some time sumbling around the internet, scrolling through pins on Pinterest. (this website is a life sucker but I LOVE it sooo much.) This was, of course, after I had done some work for the day. I edited writings and photo's, made notes, organized my writings and planned out some future creative prompts. So, I got to enjoy some internet playtime. Here are some cool things I found....more

BEWARE of the Steaming Wands of Cross Contamination at STARBUCKS!!!

Stamping Rules I was so overwhelmed at first about the of my stand-by GF foods was ...more

Why Am I Still Here?

Has anyone else found themselves scrolling through a website and suddenly think 'I'm not enjoying this?'...more

That Starbucks

This is a post about the little things that we find to be big things....more