What Business Does A Stay-at-home Mom Have Starting A Business

 I raised my family and now I am thinking of starting a business, what skills do I have to go into the marketplace?This question came up in an online Master Class that I helped to facilitate recently.  ...more

Stop Making Motherhood So Difficult

I’m feeling a bit fed up today....more

Confession of a Stay at Home Mom

Dear Husband,Jealousy showed it’s ugly face this morning. I’ve felt it before, so I know the feeling.I was jealous of the girl at school who was pretty and did everything “just right.” I’ve been jealous of my sister’s hair which is perfectly straight while mine is a frizzy, wavy mess.  I’ve been jealous of the moms on TV who bounce back to pre-baby bodies WAY before me. I know the feeling. ...more

Typical Day of A Stay At Home Mom

It’s 6 am and the alarm goes off. No, not the alarm on the nightstand. I am talking the alarm on my bed- my little baby. And he starts his duty.He rolls over, plays with my hair and showers me with kisses and saliva. Though I try to snooze for 5 more minutes hiding under the covers, my little brat is unstoppable and wouldn’t budge without getting me out of the bed.I mentally count the number of hours I slept and curse my husband who is still in deep slumber and forces myself to get up and move to the kitchen....more

To Be A Stay At Home Mom Or Not To Be A Stay At Home Mom?

Greetings beautiful people! I know it has been a while since I have blogged but life has been crazy but I am back and going full force with the blogging thing. So as you all know I am a mother of a beautiful One year old! Yes she just turned One last Friday! I can not believe how fast the time has gone!...more

The Joys and Downfalls of being A Stay at Home Mom

I have often been looked at like I have six heads when I tell someone that I am a Stay At Home Mom, "Home Maker", or "Home Designer". There are few and far between people that smile and say, "Hey, Me Too!" and we both jump for joy and high five! (just kidding, though in our minds we probably do!). Some Reasons I HATE being a Stay At Home Mom:...more

10 Tips if you're planning to become a ONE income family

Since 2012 our family has been a one income family. The day that I found out I was pregnant with Annabella, Jonathan and I decided I would not go back to work after she was born, unless it was absolutely necessary. I was determined to be a stay at home mom to my girls. Working mothers have the absolute hardest jobs of all. They have to juggle their jobs, homes, children and husbands all at the same time. Jobs are not flexible for mothers and the guilt is overwhelming. So working moms, I salute you and I feel for you....more

15 Ways to Help You Enjoy Being a SAHM

 Being a stay-at-home mom can be tough and very over whelming at times. You're around kids 24-7. They may whine a lot, siblings fight, you're on diaper duty 24-7, feedings, potty training, cleaning, cooking, shopping... The list of not-so-fun-stuff goes on! It can be difficult to find time for yourself and to get everything done that you have planned for the day. It gets stressful! ...more
I agree! Having a schedule (although flexible) helps tremendously.more

Artist and Mom-Have It All or Give It Up?

 I've been so blessed to be a mother. My husband and I managed to raise an amazing young woman who we are so completely proud of. She will be 21 in a couple of weeks.  She will turn 21 in the faraway land of India on a study abroad trip. She's remarkable to me, because at that age, you couldn't of got me on a plane to go anywhere, never mind halfway around the world, but then, she's always been the bravest person I know. ...more