My Real Job: I Am a Stay-at-Home Mom

I've been having trouble writing lately, trouble finding my voice and trouble finding time to write in this season of motherhood. I feel myself being pulled in too many directions and struggling with self-doubt as a stay-at-home mom. I always hesitate when someone asks me what I “do.” ...more
Thanks so much @DynamicNewYou and Jessi Hosper!  I really was taking my role for granted until ...more

Mommy Guilt - Do You Have It?

Do you suffer from it? Mommy guilt that is... I know that I do from time to time... and lately it's been more yes than no when it comes to Mommy Guilt. Could I be doing more? Am I doing the best that I can do for Lil Man? Should I be doing this different or that different? Does he respond this way because of what I'm doing (or not doing)?  And I know it's time that I step back, and just take a moment to breathe....more

38 Things I Have Learned As A Mom

1} You will never do anything in your own privacy again once you become a mom. Your privacy is now your children's privacy as well. You will especially have an audience when you are in the bathroom....more

On Amy Glass, Stay-at-Home Moms, and Feminism: When Will We Stop Judging Each Other?

An article written by Amy Glass, "I Look Down On Young Women With Husbands And Kids And I’m Not Sorry," has been making the rounds as of late. She contends that those of us that choose marriage and a family over focusing solely on ourselves and our professional goals are "being applauded for doing nothing." ...more
After reading both articles, I clicked on the author's bio to see what's up.  She wrote both ...more

Working vs. Staying home : The impact on children
Thanks for sharing your pros and cons. This is a topic I struggle with ALOT!more

Stay at Home Parenting, a Personal Perspective

A number of mom-blog posts refer to being a stay-at-home parent as a job. Having recently decided to spend an additional year at home with my children, I have been struggling with this concept. For me, the idea that being a SAHM was a job, wasn't working. I was grumpy about always being 'on the job', constantly trying to get 'everything done' (whatever that means) before bed each night, only to start it all over again the next day. I didn't want to change my decisions to be a SAHM. ...more

Motherhood vs The Domestic Goddess I Wanted To Be

Before I had my daughter, I had a lot of daydreams about what we would do over the years. Places I wanted to take her, things I wanted to show her. In her first year of life, we did a lot together. We went shopping, hiking, to the beach, and to museums. Then before she was even a year old, I found out I was pregnant again. ...more
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Lighten Up ...more

Chores I am Amazed Previous Generations Found the Time to Do

I've recently come across a number of blog posts about the plight of tired parents. Be it moms or dads, stay at home parents or working ones, it seems that the laundry never ends, the house never stays tidy, and there simply isn't enough time in the day to get everything done, let alone get in a good nights sleep. Add in teething babies, sick children, nightmares, and midnight potty runs; parents seem to be getting by one day at a time. ...more

How Did I Have It So Wrong?

Life is funny sometimes. Sometimes when you think you have it all figured out, you quickly find out that you were way off base and had it totally wrong all along....more