Oh Gas Station Bathroom Why Do You Haunt Me So?

Road trips generally mean open road driving, loud music, car snacks and fun destination but it’s all fun and games until your bladder decides that a pit stop must be made.  Let me first point out I have dirty bathroom phobia so keep that in mind as you go forth and read. ...more

A bit on family reunions

Here is the thing about family, Tiny Human:There may appear to be too many people.There may be too much putzing and stalling while assembling for group activities.There may appear to be too much noise and too many conflicts.There may be too many attempts at winning your affection or attention....more

Memories, Turned Into Stories, Never Die

i travelled from afar to look once again at a magical place from my childhood, the birthplace, of stories and dreams, where imagination and creativity took flight, never weighed down by commonsense. BUT my tiny kingdom had been destroyed by progress.i stood  on hot concrete,...more

A Love Story

In May, I participated in Panache DeSai’s 33 day program online with his new book - “Discovering Your Soul Signature.”  One thing about doing spiritual work, anything that needs to be released comes up.  In my case, deep childhood emotional wounds of rejection and abandonment came to the surface once again. Those feelings started with being adopted at 2 1/2. My new Mother told me over and over again as I was growing up that I wasn't wanted, that my birth mother had rejected me from the day I was born, and was always trying to find a way to get rid...more

A Love Story

Maybe it was the midnight rain that came about so suddenly, I don’t know. I suppose you could even blame the lights and the candles and everything that was romantic about that night. Either way, the end result was still the same. I had given him everything, and I was happy about it. I guess from the way he smiled, he was happy about it too.Tomorrow mornin’ if you wake upAnd the sun does not appearI… I will be here...more

for what your heart wants, what will you trade?

This is where the stories come in. Whenever things get tough, there they are.You know them: all the stories you heard as a child about the trade you have to make for the thing your heart wants.About what the hero does.I'm thinking about this a lot on Day 13 of NaNoWriMoand NaBloPoMo, this mad commitment I've made to write every single day of the month toward a prize of 50,000 words. And blog every day, too....more

I'm the author of my life

Originally published here: http://reticulatedwriter.blogspot.com/2013/09/reticula-wrote-blog-post.html...more

When Words are like Ninjas

I recently lamented, to anyone that still listens to me, about my having pieces of a story I was unable to make whole.It happens frequently, an idea slams my brain leaving me unable to focus on the task of living, instead filling my thoughts with potential beginnings and endings. I'm good at that - bookend thoughts, without any real filling....more
@alienbody It is easier and more natural to edit and tone it down, then to try to create when ...more

Why Do Stories Matter?

This is part of a December series on stories celebrating the coming launch of my new lit zine wordhaus. Read part 1 and part 2, and check out wordhaus.I pretty much spend my whole life in stories. ...more

Fighting Bullying With Our Own Stories

You are strong enough -- you have always been strong enough, even as you drew your first breath, pink and sticky with placenta. You are worthy, you are beautiful, you are individual. Your very existence is a testament to courage. You do not need the certainty of conformity because you are courage. You may not think it matters, you may think that you are alone, but the very act of being you, doing what makes you happy, liking what you like, dressing how you like, exploring what you like, is a triumph for freedom and self-expression on a much bigger battleground than you could ever imagine. ...more
Thank you for sharing tha great story thats so inspiring that teenager managed to turn that ...more