Finding Something To Be Grateful For Even When It's Hard

This week is proving to be very deeply and personally difficult for me. I am in the middle of helping to make some rather important decisions that will impact other people’s lives. People for whom I am responsible and care deeply for. And because of this, it feels like my fears, insecurities and self doubt are winning the war against my usual optimism and confidence....more

I'm the opposite of brave

I've always liked living inside my comfort zone, and I have a history of not challenging myself. If something's not a breeze, I always walked the other way. I've been a very big fan of the path of least resistance. But as it turns out, all those annoying motivational sayings are true...more

Strength on Loan: How to Repay the Supportive People in Your Life

After living in New York City for over 6 years, I’ve become pretty jaded. Not many things get me riled up about this bustling town…but for ONE exception.Humans of New York...more

Jumping in with both feet

Today I'm jumping in with both feet.  There's nothing more precious to me than being a good Mom.  I'm not the best Mom out there, but I am good for my children.  They need me to be the very best Mom I can be.  Not just today, but everyday.  Days when I barely know if I'm comin' or goin'.  Those days.  The really cloudy and really hazy days.  ...more
I can't believe it!  It's here <3more

Grateful for friendships ...

Do you ever feel stretched too thin?Sometimes I feel that way.I feel as though my heart wants to do so so much and so my head jumps in fully and then before I know it too much gets lost along the way.And then there's so much to do and so many things to think about and suddenly ...I stop.I stop it all.I hole up a bit.I freeze.I go off track.Try not to be found....more

Woman of Strength and Courage

The year is 1961.  It is a cold November day in Northern MN.  It is 5:00am and I am heading out the door to get chores done.  Sounds crazy early on such a cold day, you say?  Yes, I would maybe prefer to be snuggled in my bed with a warm fire burning in the hearth, but you see, I am a 45 year old woman, living on my own in the country-taking care of my farm.  I lost my husband to a heart attack a couple years back, and come hell or high water, I will stay in my home and keep this farm going!...more
My Grandmother lived to be 99  as well.  People seemed to be stronger back then because their ...more

Those Horrible Life Events That Play on Repeat When We Least Expect Them

It was a beautiful Saturday evening in June, and my husband and I had decided to get out of the house for a little while. I remember that we were walking down Main Street in Collinsville when my phone rang. He was carrying Sweet Pea's pumpkin seat in one hand, holding my hand with the other when I reached for my phone.I still remember the pain and urgency in her voice -- the one I knew too well, the one that belonged to my stepson's girlfriend -- as she tried to tell me through her tears that my stepson had been in a four-wheeling accident in southern Illinois and was being airlifted to a hospital somewhere in Indiana. Unfortunately, everything still remains crystal clear to this day - the instant worry that sent shock waves down my spine, my immediate necessity to be at that hospital at that very moment and my severe desire to know that everything was going to be just fine and that we would be coming home with my stepson, just a little bruised and battered....more

Love Turns

Love is looking over at a beautiful seen with that person you consider your best friend, confident and partner in life. Together you enjoy the beautiful scenery that life has given. One day the person next to you stops holding your hand. Another day they step away from your side. You hope they come back but by the time you decide to turn back for them you are pushed off the cliff you both were standing on together. Luckily you you grab onto the ledge holding on to love for dear life. You reach out your hand to your love with him looking at you for help....more


NaBloPoMo ~ January 13, 2014 ...more