Focus on MOVEMENTS instead of MUSCLES

What is your approach when you head to the gym to lift weights?  Do you address a specific muscle or body part?  For years, I trained this way, assigning muscle groups to a particular day - Chest and triceps on Mondays, Back and Biceps on Tuesday, Legs on get the gist.  It wasn't until I went through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) personal trainer certification program where I learned a wealth of knowledge that I changed my exercise protocol in a more effective and efficient manner....more

We Need to Talk About Vagina Weight Lifting

About 5 months ago, I was out with some friends for a little dance and drink action when a very interesting subject arose. Once the liquor starts flowin, we all get a little loose with our tongues. We, of course, talk about sex. Who doesn't!? One of my friends is well-versed in all matters of sex and somehow manages to bring up something new every time we go out that I have never heard of before. This time, it was vaginal lifting (VL). Oh yeah, I was interested! But, how do you lift weights with your vagina? The images that were going through my head regarding lifting with my lady parts were incomprehensible until she informed me of the Jade Egg. ...more
Great read! Been hearing a lot about this lately and I'm intrigued. And the video was hilarious lolmore

6 Exercises to Try For a High Intensity Training Workout

When you hear "high intensity training" what are the first words that come to mind? Terrifying? Daunting? No, thank you? What if I told you that you could complete a full body strength workout to complete exhaustion using high intensity training in just 30 minutes and not have to do it everyday? Exciting, right? ...more
Oh, wait. I do HIIT classes - intervals!more

Workout Wednesday

Welcome back to #WorkoutWednesday! This weekend is a BIG holiday weekend-- Independence Day. That means lots of fun and food. What better way to head into a weekend of indulgences than by getting a good workout in?  ...more

The benefits of strength training

One of my goals in 2014 was to add more strength training to my workout regimen. Now that I have been consistently lifting for over a year, I can finally see some major gains. Besides the physical changes that have happened, I am now noticing a need to increase my weights at a faster rate, recovery is less tedious, and I feel great.If you aren't currently strength training on a regular basis, here are a few helpful tips to get you started.  ...more

Post run strength circuit

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning that the weather permits, we are all in town, and we aren’t feeling lazy, Sarah, Amy, and I meet around 6:15 am for an early morning run. Some days we log some serious mileage and others we end up drinking coffee and talking....more

Workout Wednesday

This weeks' #WorkoutWednesday is all about those abs! We love to hate ab workouts. This workout is short but tough. If you stick with me through the 15-ish minutes of torture below, I promise you will feel awesome the rest of the day! ...more

How to Burn Fat Fast

Everyone is always asking how to burn fat fast. They want to lose 10 lbs for their beach vacation in a few weeks or they read about a new cleanse that will shrink their waists in no time.However, when I hand a client dumbbells instead of telling them how to cut calories, they tend to give me a confused look. Here’s the thing: the key to fast weight loss isn’t dieting; it’s about making smart choices, over time, that increase your calorie expenditure....more

5 Things to Know About Your First Three Months of Crossfit

While I have been doing Crossfit for over a year, I see so many new people coming in that it mentally takes me back to my first three months of Crossfit, making me think of things I have learned and things I wish I knew. I've put together a few things that I think anyone starting Crossfit should keep in mind as they start their journey! ...more
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Oh That Girl At The Gym

You know the know the one I'm talking about. You are at the gym, minding your own business and she walks in with some skin-tight, super thin pants, a bright colored sports bra, and a sleeveless shirt tied up 'just so'. She doesn't walk across the free weights area, she sort of glides....more