What's Up with My Shoulders?

I cannot be the only one...who has heard, "relax your shoulders," so many times during a yoga class that you have felt the need to check that it's not on a loop alongside the soothing chanting and wind chimes soundtrack, but rather it is in fact the instructor repeating it over and over. ...more

Back to school means it's time to stress out over homework

In my little corner of the world, school starts next week. And all around me I hear the moms talking about various after school programs and which ones they are avoiding because they don't encourage children to complete their homework first. ...more

Personal Strategic Plan

Would you like to spend less time to get more done?A growing body of multidisciplinary research shows that the way to boost productivity, job performance and health is to not work more hours…but to increase your energy.How is this accomplished?Strategic renewal…tactical, calculated, premeditated, intentional, deliberate and planned renewal....more

Behavior, Personality, and Anxiety.

 Can you tell the difference between personality, who a horse is, and behavior, what a horse d...more

Necessary Mental Downtime

What constitutes a vacation?...more

Planning your next adventure

Where do we go?  What do we see?So many places to go.  What’s top on the wish list?How much time do we have?  What’s the budget?...more

How old are you really?

A few months ago, a couple of coworkers were trying to figure out my age. Eventually, one of them just came out and asked me. Several of them thought I was significantly younger than I actually am. I know this is not because of the way I look (I think I look my age), but rather because of the energy level that I have....more

Dark, Damp, and Scary

Dark, damp, searching for just….. the right spot, ah found it. This is me crawling through a cave with claustrophobia (photo from 123rf.com). Fearful of not being able to get through a tight spot known as pancake. Telling myself I can get through this; that the claustrophobia is only in my mind and I will not get stuck. Positive self-talk is as powerful as negative self-talk....more

When your baby fat grows up

All mothers know there are two definitions of the phrase "baby fat." The first definition describes the extra roll of fat that clings to babies and is absolutely adorable. The second definition refers to those extra pounds that cling to a woman's body after she has the baby (and is considered much less adorable). Mothers usually blame their baby for their weight gain, and then try their luck at getting rid of it....more

Women breadwinners don't have time to cheat

My husband and I have always had a dual-income household. We are fortunate to both have jobs that we truly enjoy. There have been a few times in the past where one of us was out of work and financially dependent on the other person, which naturally lead to stress in our relationship. But we got through it (for better or worse, right?) and moved ahead. At no point during those times did one of us consider cheating on the other....more