7 Tips For Coping on Your Worst Days

Before we begin, let's make it clear, I am not a psychiatrist. Nor do I have the secret to magically transcend anxiety or stress. If experience is education, however, I do feel pretty comfortable speaking on the subject. Although my ability to speak freely and calmly about how I handle these things is, at best, a recent development. ...more
What really helps me is looking ahead and thinking that while things might not be so great at ...more

It must be hard being a guy

I am super glad that I am a woman. Like most people, I have thought about what life must be like to be the opposite gender (people do think about that, right?) and I have determined that being a guy must be hard. I can't imagine walking around with their equipment all day or having difficulty focusing on something and shoes at the same time. That seems weird to me....more

Stressing out right after your vacation

I think by now, most Americans realize they don't take enough vacation. There are plenty of stories out there telling us we don't use all our vacation time, and polls measuring how many people are going to take a vacation this year and even reminders that vacations actually boost productivity in employees when they return to work....more

I'll Tell You What's Up, Doc

So I'm in therapy.Ugh, therapy. I dread it as though it's an hour-long family reunion. All I can think of are the screaming kids, the awkward conversations with elders who couldn't hear your conversation with a bullhorn, the marshmallow and canned fruit "salad," and my uncle putting on a three-hour slide show of his world travels. Once I get there it isn't that bad of course (with the exception of the slideshow), but the anxiety I get leading up to it is enough to put in therapy. ...more

5 ways you can bring joy to your life

If I could tell you guys how stressed out I used to be ALL the time, you probably wouldn’t want to talk to me anymore (or read these posts…by the way, thank you for being here). I spent a lot of my time growing more anxious by the minute, taking in everyone else’s actions and words and all of the things I didn’t want or didn’t love to do and internalizing them. I imagine inside my head often looked like lava was erupting....more

Having A Rough Childhood Can Affect Your Health As An Adult

Once our body’s stress system is impaired, it remains in a constant state of stress.I was what you would call a sickly child: severe allergies, persistent throat infections, insomnia, and digestive issues plagued me before the arrival of Kindergarten.As I approached adolescence, migraines took over and became the primary focus. My pediatrician sent me to every specialist available, with the exception of a therapist or mental health expert....more

How can you help your children cope with stress?

To adults, childhood looks like a hassle-free time. But theses days, young kids also experience stress. Matters like school, friends, and their social life, exams/tests can sometimes create pressures that can be overwhelming for kids. As a parent, you can't always protect your kids from stress — but you can help them develop healthy ways to cope with stress and solve their everyday problems....more

Why Travel Is Important For Raising Happy, Balanced Kids

Every once in awhile we all need a chance to recharge our batteries. The summer is the perfect time for a change of pace. Yes, Happy Science Mom has been a bit quiet this month so far as I traveled abroad to London for a fabulous, well-deserved family vacation....more

Trying to stay put

We are about to move homes. Although my husband and I have moved lots of times together (we're experts at purging and packing), I've recently realized that this is the third time we've moved since having our son....more