When you didn't go home for the holidays

The holidays are a big deal in our household. Although Christmas is not my favorite holiday (it's Halloween, in case you are wondering), I really enjoy giving the "perfect" presents, and the food and the extra time spent together. I like the decorations and find joy in the idea that we are celebrating each other and another year of being together....more

Catching up with my guys

I was traveling for work last week and really missed my guys. The week before I left, I had gotten into the habit of playing card games with my son in the morning, and I missed that special time while I was away. My son missed me, too, but he did have lots of fun with his Daddy. Which is good, because Dads are important....more

Unpacking at the end of the day

My son has a few responsibilities when he gets home from school, which includes unpacking his book bag. ...more

5 Easy Ways to Slam Holiday Stress

Your whole family is coming. They're counting on you to have a perfectly tidy home, a perfectly cooked meal, and the perfect gifts. That, or maybe no one is coming. Either way, the holidays can be an exceptionally stressful time of the year; a lot is happening all at once. Your bank account is about to get stretched, and your clothes will likely become tight as well. The last thing you need is to get bogged down by stress. Stress can make you ill, but more immediately, it can ruin your holidays altogether.Here are 5 easy ways to slam holiday stress and enjoy yourself:...more

A Mental Health Moment

The friendly folks at BlogHer have posted some writing prompts to help bloggers get ...more

Bearing Witness to This Changing World May Be The Only Thing To Do

I’m screaming on the inside. Well, the outside too. It started the day after the election as I was voicing my upset on social media (which I rarely do,) responding to posts calling for my input. I  “watched” myself do it - let my emotions publicly come out. I wanted to step back and just let it be since we don’t have any control over it other than casting our vote - and that’s an iffy control with our contorted Electoral College - but I couldn’t....more


 Businesses don’t often equate lost revenue with workplace stress. But accidents, absenteeism, medical, legal and other expenses caused by work-related stress account for $300 billion dollars in annual losses in the United States alone, according to the American Stress Institute.So how can a business prevent workplace stress from becoming its own cost center? Let’s explore some options:...more

We all are suffering from back pain

On the days I do not run, I have back pain. On the days I do run, I sometimes have back pain, but it seems like it is not as bad. My sweet husband helps rub my sore muscles for me, just as I rub his back when he needs it. He generally has tension in his lower back; mine is at the top....more

Vacationing at home

My son wants to know when we are going on vacation again. It is a subject he is highly interested in as of late. It may be because we've had some really memorable ones as a family and he wants to recreate the adventure, but my guess is that he just wants a break from school....more

How to Tame the Stress Monster

You bury your head in your hands. You’d really like to run screaming from your cubicle, but for one, that would get you instantly fired, for two, your shoes are definitely not made for running. But the stress! Not only does your job stress you out, but there’s your family, friends, chores, errands, social media to keep up with – AARGH! It’s enough to make a grown man/woman weep. ...more