11 Totally BS Things Life is Way Too Short For

Life is too short! Especially for these 11 common worries that just aren’t worth your energy. This is about to make you instantly feel better... Drop these worries and start putting your care and intention toward things that actually MATTER. ...more

Life Stress Inventory: How would you score?

In 1967, psychiatrists Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe created the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory, designating a mean value for each major life event. For example, death of a spouse was at the top of the scale with a value of 100 points, while a major injury or illness was assigned 53 points. ...more

A New Way to Worry

There exists a trifecta o ...more

Why Jumping Rope Makes Us Happy

A few weeks ago my son, along with his fellow second graders, performed in a jump rope showcase. I had never seen anything like it. To the tune of Van Halen’s “Jump”, the children demonstrated various jump roping tricks. They practiced their technique for months, even to the point that jumping rope was part of their homework assignment....more

How To Prepare Stress-Busting Meals For Your Family

How many times have you heard the question “Mom, what’s for dinner? And how many times did your mind draw a complete blank? I am sure this led to a total panic because one of our main responsibilities as parents is to make sure our kids are happily fed–a job that never seems to end.Keeping healthy, interesting meals coming out of our kitchen can be a stressful endeavor. Sometimes we just don’t feel inspired to whip up that perfect creation that will please everyone sitting around the dinner table....more

For better mental health, let the tears out

As mentioned earlier this month, I am not afraid of a good long cry. There are certain places where I do my best not to cry, like at work. I try to suck it up and let the tears out later when I won't be interrupted. Fortunately I have a wonderful job right now that doesn't cause me tears. ...more

Benefits of writing a journal

Scientific experiments have confirmed that writing a journal has many benefits. Here are some benefits of writing a journal! Journal writing is a great way to reduce stress, sleep well, connect with others, clarify your thoughts, increase positive attitude to life, solve problems better, boost your immune system and increase general physical and psychological well being. Journal writing can be done easily just by writing a few lines of your thoughts in a diary or journal....more

Embattled Women: The New Military Draft

Imagine that you, or your daughter or granddaughter, have an appointment to register for the draft. By law, it may become a requirement for young women to do so.Image via Shutterstock...more
As a Veteran, married to a Veteran the use of this technique has to be 1) implemented military ...more

My most stressed out time as a parent is ahead of me

There are things that as a parent you can't prepare for. I like lists, so here is just a few of them:...more

7 Ways to Make Waiting Less Stressful

We are all waiting for something. Waiting for the doctor, waiting for the phone call, waiting in traffic, waiting for the plane, waiting for the baby, waiting for spring.  Waiting is an inevitable part of life and can certainly be frustrating and stressful.  As Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers sang, waiting is the hardest part.  However, it doesn't have to be a time of misery....more
Read a book. I always try to have a book with me if I think there will be time that I will have ...more