How to Control the Stress in Your Life

The schedule… that monster that seems to consume our lives.  Bringing us stress; raising our cortisol levels, making us feel tired and depressed.  BUT, there are tips that you can utilize to reduce that stress.  Here are a few of my favorites:...more
Great summary of those activities promoting health and wellbeing - my favourites are Yoga and ...more

How do you handle stress?

Wow is it already this late in July!  I really have to work harder at being more focused and not let so much time pass between each post!  Life does get busy but in order for this blog to be effective and to do what it is called to do I must post more than once a month!  ...more

5 Tips for Recovering From Perfectionism

As I headed to Albany, New York, last week to film a 90-minute public television special as well as six hours of additional DVD content that would be included as part of the PBS fundraising pledge package, I knew I was walking into a situation that was completely out of my comfort zone. I so wanted to feel like I was going to just nail it on that television set, that I would get it all perfectly right on my first try, that I would wow everyone with my professionalism and TV chops, that everyone would come to me later and say, “Lissa, you’re a natural!”...more
This reminded me of my first boss who really traumatized me! I was 21 and in my first job out of ...more

How exercise makes your brain more resistant to anxiety and more resilient to stress

You've no doubt heard that a trip to the gym or a good run can help wash away the day's stresses, but do you know how or why it works?Exercise actually reorganizes your brain. In mice, they found that those that were most sedentary responded to stress by triggering an increase in "immediate early genes." These are short-lived genes that are turned on right after a neuron fires.In the mice that were very physically active, the genes weren't present, which seems to point to the idea that the neurons didn't immediately become super excited after a stressor was presented....more

Why Engaging In Work You Love Could Save Your Life

You probably know that having a toxic job that stresses you out and sucks the soul out of you isn’t exactly good for you. As a physician who has experienced work stress myself, as well as witnessing it in my patients, it’s obvious to me that work stress is poisonous and can translate into physical symptoms. You know this already. Anyone who has ever gotten a migraine after a deal went bad or stiff shoulders after the boss criticized him can attest to that.But did you realize that work stress can actually kill you?...more

Book Reviews Of A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear

By: Stanley Popovich   Here are just a small sample of  book reviews of Stan Popovich’s popular book “A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology, Christianity and Non Resistant Methods” For more information about Stan’s helpful  book and to read Stan’s free mental health articles please go to  If you know of anyone who could Stan’s valuable information on fear, anxiety, stress, depression, and addiction please send them to his w...more

How Stress Can Sabotage Your Success With Good Health

I posted this article on stress when I first launched the Paula's Healthy Living website. It's one of my favorites so I wanted to share it with our new readers....more

Is that really me?

I was standing with my back against a brick wall and talking to a colleague. The dressing room mirror shone in the afternoon light and I could see my reflection as she asked, “You ok? This whole thing is aging you. It really is, I mean you can see it,” and she motioned at my face as she shook her head. The whole thing was so over the top it felt like a bad sit-com....more

Hugs and Champagne

I’ll admit that I am having a bad day. Like, a really bad day. One of those two anxiety pills kind of ones.It’s this time when, while I don’t normally wish I had boyfriend, I do right now. Maybe not even a boyfriend. Just someone to put their arms around me, tell me it’s all going to be OK and kiss me on my forehead. Someone who will text me during this terrible day with a smiley face. Someone I can turn to when everyone else is turning to me....more

My Journey to Grace