Stress Busters What do you do to ease the stress in your life?  Here are a few suggestions from me:1.  Stretch and shake.  Look at your dog when they get up from a nap.  They'll take a long stretch and then shake their whole body.  Do the same and you'll instantly feel better....more
 @Jerrilynn I have been ignoring taking care of myself. Writing so much that I will sit and not ...more

Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Staying Alive....... I think

I am finding that eating healthy continues to be a HUGE challenge -- In fact, just feeding my family has become more of a challenge. When we had our kids, we both worked and together, had a really nice income. No one ever tells you or helps you understand before you have kids the reality of daycare costs, clothing costs, ets. I don’t want to be at home everyday, but I also don’t want to work just to pay someone to raise my kids....more

Timed Tests or Puzzle Solving

How many times do we have to take timed tests in school?  Most tests are timed.  Consequently, it has been reinforced in most of us that we are in a hurry.  In a society with deadlines, this makes sense.  However, I’ve noticed when doing puzzles, this was my overriding concern.  Hurry up!  Finish!  Go faster! <...more

Don’t Panic!

There is always something in the news or on TV to scare us. Hysterical articles in the media sell papers, and attract eyeballs to websites, but are usually exaggerating the facts. If you listen without evaluating what you’re being told, it’s easy to become frightened. There's a reason why I don’t usually waste time and energy on panic and drama. In my office, I see the negative results of panic every day. People get upset, they're afraid of emotional consequences, and they overreact, which can actually create the consequences they fear....more

Are You Bored at Work?

Have you ever been bored out of your mind on the job?  If so you know it can be incredibly stressful. Even more so than a fast-paced, high demanding workplace.  So why does the stress of boredom get swept under the rug? You would think that in a time where jobs are scarce and the attitude “I’m just grateful to have a job, any job” is prevalent that boredom would be the least of our worries.  Yet, apparently, boredom is spreading. ...more
This is true... and it makes me really sad! Ideally, I think employers and employees should work ...more

The Weight Has Disappeared

With everything that's gone on for the last year, my weight has disappeared.  We're talking under 120 for a woman who's 5'9".  And I don't know how to get it back.Part of the problem is, that even for all my brave talk about my new adventure, I'm still feeling extremely unsettled and insecure.  Normal feelings, I know, but they go directly towards my weight.  I'm one of those women who stop eating when stressed or upset. ...more

Getting Through Life

April 20thWow!  Life has been tough this month.  "They" say the world will end this December but if my world makes it through May it will be a small miracle.My dad is still with us.  Every day he's a little slower and a little more confused.  Poor guy.  Some days I really miss my dad.  I love this little old man dearly but......more

Shingles...through Mom Colored Glasses...

I sat down to talk about something upbeat, about how career opportunities come in all shapes and sizes. When that didn’t work, I tried talking about intuition for moms. When that failed miserably, I realized the story I needed to tell today. A tiny slice of my journey. It’s not nicely packaged or carefully scripted, but it’s real…down to the abrupt ending from my son busting into the room and my hope that someone else might need to hear this today. Oh, and I’m sorry that I thought only old people get shingles. I know that now…and now you do too…...more

Rollover mopes

A friend of mine told me that she allows five minutes a day to mope or feel sorry for herself. I like the idea of slotting "five-minute mope" in the day minder.Remember Holly Hunter’s short, stupendous bout of hysterics in “Broadcast News”? I aspire to that sort of efficient catharsis.But I’d also like the option of setting aside the unused minutes, for those times when I need a longer session of self-pity. Thus I suggest a new personal indulgence: Rollover mopes....more

My Minute: Prep Power!

As the saying goes, anything can change “in a New York minute.” Sixty seconds might be all you need to recharge, regain control, get an energy boost, or simply mentally, emotionally, and physically repair. My Minute is a weekly tip segment that offers ways to make your daily minutes add up to benefit you. In each post, we highlight an aspect of your every day routine with one suggestion on how to make that routine work to give you a little, but much deserved, life lift. My Minute: Prep Power...more