Could You Have Adrenal Fatigue?

There’s no doubt that stress can wreak havoc on any professional hypochondriac’s mind or body. When stress becomes chronic in nature, it can really throw the body’s systems out of whack, often referred to in the alternative medicine world as “adrenal fatigue.”...more
I have my annual checkup in a few weeks, and my doctor and I are going to have more to chat ...more

Top Wisdom for Women Starting Their Careers

Just before the holidays I had the distinct pleasure of moderating the Magazine Writing for Print and Online Panel at the New York Women in Communications, Inc. Student Communications Career Conference. It was a huge event with a ton of energy and an array of powerful women experts. What I learned from those I shared the stage with on this panel is that the wisdom these women shared is not only excellent advice for those pursuing careers in media but for anyone building their career at any age. ...more
Love it. Thanks. Always looking for tips. I esp. Need help on seo... Ughh more

Stumbling to Perfection

Stumbling to Perfection...more

It’s all in a Day’s Work

Thank you, Awkward Black Girl, for making me feel a little less awkward....more

Healthy Holidays

Basically, healthy holidays is an oxymoron. Who wants to eat salad when you're surrounded by hot cocoa, santa cookies, candy canes and awesome feasts? Pretty much no one however, there are ways around the 2 extremes, gorging or depriving.  Here are some tips to reach a happy medium over the next few weeks of holiday feeding and drinking frenzy!...more

Holidays and Business: Striking a Balance

I have a theory about why there is so much stress around the holiday season...and it holds no judgment or specific-holiday-tradition-centric connotations. Do you know what it is? ...more
Your post is spot on. I gave up my notion of "perfect" a long time ago, and that applies to ...more

Again with the tension?! (Or, It's OK not to know.)

 It’s happened again. An old theme has come circling around, adding another new level of understanding....more

Dear Dr. Romance: I Want Some Peaceful and Happy Years of My Life

Dear Dr. Romance: I was brought up with eight children where father was gone from home early morning til late night. Mother all the time angry at one kid or the other. Everybody use to say I was the better behaved sibling among all, and my mom was always partial to other children in comparison to me. Anyway I am a grandmother now . After marriage and having kids I started devloping emotional problem where I needed to seek psychiatric  help. I was dignosed as bipolar.I was in and out of Hospital and taking treatment for long period of time....more

Holiday Spirit and Your Stress

There is not a more stressful time than the holidays. And, well, I can't name one person who actually enjoys the stress associated with holidays. The stress of dealing with family, the politics that comes with buying the right gift—or worse, making the decision not to buy the gift at all!...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Business Deals and Proposals 12-4-11

An important communication or contract coming is good news.A new acquisition/proposal brings a positive, ambitious opportunity for success.Opposing Energies: deception, doubts, setbacks, greedUse discretion, caution and compromise.Wide Awake Words™ for today: clarity, planning, self confidence, patienceThis is a beginning of a money making project that takes you in a new direction....more