To My Stressed-Out Student Who Wants to Give Up

Dear Daughter:Please don’t give up. Don’t drop out of the race early. Don’t quit when the finish line is in sight. You’re almost there. You can do it. You won’t regret giving it your all, all the way to the end, but you might regret it if you don’t. I know you’re tired. I know you’re discouraged and fed up. I know you’re sick to death of studying those notes. I know you don’t care what “passive transport” is. And you’re right: you are never going to have to solve a quadratic equation in “real life.”...more

Competing for attention

Previously, I wrote about the health risks Moms and children face when births aren't spaced out enough. Of course, this isn't the end of the story. Finnish researchers have found that having several close-in-age children can put a strain on the entire family. ...more

Victorious Woman Month

It’s Victorious Woman Month…let’s talk about how you are a Victorious Woman when you practice self-care. Create a Self-Care Bucket list as a reminder of the ways you practice self-care by lavishly nurturing yourself....more

Some things you just don't need on your plate

When someone says they have a lot on their plate or that their plate is full, I would suggest having some compassion or understanding to what it is they are saying.Have you ever had to explain to someone exactly what’s on your plate in order for them to just get it? Even when you don’t want to, or feel like you should not have to - -for personal reasons or whatever the case may be?...more

Use Your Mind to Combat Killer Stress!

You hate your boss, you hate your work, your co-workers drive you crazy, and you’re convinced you’re underpaid even if you weren’t horribly overworked. You’re stressed all the time! Small wonder You’re tired, achy, rarely get a peaceful night’s sleep, and now you’ve come down with a cold! Which you seem to catch more and more frequently, plus there’s your stomach upset and now some sort of stupid rash on your neck. All of which you are convinced is due to your blankety-blank job. ...more

2 Weddings... One month – Little things to laugh about...

2 Weddings... One month – Little things to laugh about...Psalm 126:2Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.”...more

What Stresses out a female writer?

While today is an already stressful day the staff over at Blogher thought it would be AWESOME to ask for a response to the following prompt....What unique stresses do you think women writers experience?Let's see...the stress of being a vagina with a pen...let me count the examples away for you......more
MerlinsSerf Thanks I look forward to seeing tomorrowsmore

Under Pressure: When There's No Time & Your Worst Enemy is YOU.

Time.There is NEVER enough.As a result, I often find myself feeling an immense pressure to get things done.  To check things off my to-do list.  To keep my head above water and not drown in a sea of responsibilities or unfinished business.  The pressure weighs on me like a lead blanket and I become stressed, overwhelmed and anxious....more

Out of Your Control? Let it Go.

Yesterday, I was in a major stress fest. I was constantly checking my email, missed calls and voicemails waiting to hear something from a future employer. Side Note: About a month ago, I lost my job. I am going to write a post dedicated to that experience but right now let’s just say, I’m unemployed, still irritated and waiting for the next opportunity....more