Work the Job, Don't let it Work You

This quote never rang more true than when I jumped into the workforce.  I will be honest, I have been pretty unstable as far as staying in one place for long enough to move up career-wise.  I have had 3 different jobs in the past 3 years or so.  In my work experience, I noticed that the one thing that starts my mad dash towards a new profession is stress and overwhelming anxiety....more
ittybittybliss  Thank you so much!! I am glad you enjoyed it!!more

10 ways to boost immunity


Taking work stress home

My son loves my office. On the few occasions I've taken him to visit, he received lots of attention from my coworkers, treats, hot chocolate and got to play with the stuff at everyone's desk. He calls my coworkers "his coworkers" and requests to talk to them on the phone sometimes....more

When Stress is More than Stress: It’s SAD

Running a business and raising a family are two very large pairs of pumps on their own accord. Wearing them both at the same time is enough to stress even the most relaxed Mompreneur to her breaking point, and boy can I relate!...more

When Control Gets Out of Control

Margie was the best hostess. She greeted everyone at the door. She passed appetizers and offered drinks. Margie ensured that everyone had a good time and that absolutely everything was perfect. The problem was - this was not Margie’s party. She was a guest at the party like everyone else and yet she acted as if she owned the place. Margie is a control freak. She needs to be in charge. She needs to be in control. I used to be like Margie....more

For the mom hanging by a thread

I had a bad morning. ...more

I Do Not Like Roller Coasters

 Today I opened the book Miracles Now by Gabrielle Bernstein and flipped to #30 Backpack Meditation....more

When Stress Becomes the New Normal: 8 Stress-Busting Hacks to Get Your Life Back

I received Jillian Michael’s “Biggest Loser: 30 Day Shred” workout DVD a few years ago for Christmas. It’s been collecting dust on my shelf, (Why bother with workout DVDs when there’s millions of free workouts on Pinterest!?) but I finally decided to give it a whirl. ...more