Weekend? What Weekend?

I was dreading this weekend. I really was. Jam packed with activities and obligations, it wasn't going to resemble the traditional 48 hour breather. Not one bit. Read on......more

Feeling Overwhelmed? Take an "Instant" 3 Minute Break...

 http://myemail.constantcontact.com/The-Happy-Wednesday-Broadcast---Enjoy...  Joanie WinbergCEO of the National Association of Divorce for Women and ChildrenCertified Human Behavior Consultant, Divorce Mentorjw@joanwinberg.com508.947.2750...more

So much stuff

My house is filled with so much stuff. My closet and dresser is filled with so much stuff. Yet the amount of stuff I actually use and wear is miniscule compared to what I actually own. I’d love to ditch all of the boardgames that we never, ever play. I’d love to go through all of my clothes and only keep what I really truly love and wear on a regular basis. And then there’s the kitchen cupboards. The man I vowed to love and cherish for the rest of my life has so many sets of dishes it’s mind boggling....more


If we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.~ Ancient Chinese Proverb...more

How to Deal with Extreme Overwhelm

Your palms sweat. You lose sleep. Your mind spins. These are just a few of the symptons of extreme overwhelm. Sometimes you just need to snap out of it! This post by Emily Bennington shows you how to deal with extreme overwhelm and keep your sanity. ...more

How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain (Or: How Not to Panic on Memorial Day!)

 Ever wonder why we seem to get the "automatic" weight gain in winter?  Those extra winter pounds can really creep up on us, in some very hidden ways. Here are five sneaky ways your weight can be sabotaged, with solutions for you to keep it in control....more

Keep Your Head When...

A little over five years ago I was writing about reckoning heartbreak, as a moment in time refused to be ignored and I had to reevaluate what I was doing as a parent. The decisions I was making in the interest of having it all were taking a toll on all of us in ways that just weren’t worth the effort....more

What do successful people do when they're not working?

I ran across the article, "14 Things Successful Do On Weekends." My favorite line of the entire piece is a quote from Dale Kruow, M.S., an executive coach, who says, "[For] a highly successful person ... The weekend and the week look very similar: They are focused on creating the life they want." So true!...more

3 Ways meditation can actually change your life

I've always been a "show-me-the-evidence" sort of person, which makes something like meditation (and its effects on the brain) hard to comprehend. But when I read this article - especially the part about the neurologist who is also a mom dealing with similar doubts - I was intrigued:http://www.foxnews.com/health/2013/02/11/exercising-your-brain-may-impro...The highlights of the article are that:- even shortly before death, the brain has neuroplasticity (the ability to change)...more

"Infobesity" - How working moms can tame information overload

I ran across this Q&A to Dr. Oz.:http://www.thestar.com/living/food/article/1321197--tips-to-reduce-the-i...A 38-year-old working mom of three is completely overwhelmed and trying to figure out how to juggle everything. She's worried she might already be getting Alzheimer's because she's starting to forget things. I can totally relate! I am 42, work full time and have two small kids....more