We're All Fighting a Battle, So Let's Be Nicer to Each Other

“Always be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.” I’ve often heard this quote by Plato (or some variation of it) for years. Here’s the thing, though; I’ve never really put much thought into its meaning or relevance. I mean, I understood it you can’t necessarily tell what struggles someone may be facing in their lives just by looking at them, and so you should probably refrain from being a total asshole to the people you encounter on a daily basis. ...more
Wow. How exciting for you I know you struggled with this one, see you just never knowmore

Clumsy lessons

"I am not good at everything I attempt to do.""I'm not an expert.""This feels clumsy." ...more

Gardening lessons

 Sometimes the earth is hard. The soil is dry and covered in clay. Water is in short supply and seeds fail to grow. But in the face of such harsh reality,...more

No Going Back

Thank You Blogger Community - Please Enjoy a new read on me!

Hello Friends,As a new blogger to this site, I wanted to say thank you for letting me be a part of such a tremendous and inspiring network.Please enjoy a free e-book copy from Kindle of my newly published book, Following the Path of the Dinosaurs, A Childhood Saved From Extinction.  But act fast because it ends at midnight tonight www.followdinopath.com Happy Sunday and good vibes for a decent Monday!...more

To All The Girls Who Struggle With Body Image, Please Read This

Hey Gorgeous,Before I say anything further, I just want to let you know that you’re not alone in this. There are millions of women out there who feel the same way as you do and it’s absolutely normal to feel so.It’s normal to be insecure, to compare ourselves to others, to find faults with our body especially in this era of perfectly airbrushed images, of beauty contests, of online fame. But it doesn’t mean we are meant to do all that, to be so harsh on ourselves for nothing....more

My Life and what I Ate

January 29th, 2015...more

The start of something

Stuttering is never the first thing I bring up. If I stumble at the grocery store or getting a haircut, I usually walk away never mentioning, “By the way, I stutter.” Maybe it’s too much work; maybe the person on the other side of the awkwardness really doesn’t care. I often wonder what would happen if I talked about it more. Then I think it would annoy people. You know, because we all have something uncomfortable about us, something that’s awkward to bring up publicly. What’s so special about me?But maybe just talking about it…could be the start of something....more

Insight for Widows Struggling with Being 'Stuck'

In all my years of experiencing life after the loss of a man I loved dearly, I have journeyed deep into self help books, psychology, naturopaths, wounded healer research, Kubler Ross, neuroscience, coaching systems, laughter therapy, traditional therapy, nutrition, the fascinating world of dating again, varied belief & religious faiths, read the Bible and learned more of the Torah, mystical and healing arts, walked Indian Medicine wheels, followed the lives of world thought leaders, attended seminars, spent time alone in nature and meditated. ...more

The Soda War

I've gone 48 hours without soda, now. I've had this theory that if I had my soda in the morning I would keep true to my other goals. If I had that "aaahhhhhh"  moment when I had the first drink of my beloved Pepsi, that all would be right with the rest of my day, and I could wean myself off of soda as I got closer to my goal. While I still believe that my Pepsi will do just that for me, I worry. I worry about diabetes. I see commercials about "diabetic nerve pain", amputation, blindness & living a life on insulin....more