A Change Will Do You Good

If you had told me a year ago that I would spend my morning filling out paperwork to change my major to marketing, I would have laughed at you and then gone back to working on a chemistry assignment. But life is a funny thing....more

The Battle of the Trafalgar

Tony, the landlord, was the undisputed king of the Trafalgar Pub. Every day he could be found leaning on the bar of the ’Traff’, issuing edicts in an Irish accent unadulterated by 20 years of living in Birmingham. There was always a time delay between him speaking to me and getting a reaction, as I tried to work out what he had just said...more

Teacher I Didn't Know Is a Hero

As a teenager who really loves literature, I was always confident; that includes giving my comments to others. Every comment was always right; or so I thought?...more

May 1st 1993 – Pillow Fight

Last night after I wrote in my journal, we all were getting ready for bed and we got in a huge full on pillow fight! Brett, Janie, Pierre, Arturo, Svend, the dork returnee from Brazil, and everyone else! We were throwing pillows, blankets, air matrices, and anything else we could. It was so fun and it went on for 10 to 15 minutes! I got some great photo’s! When we finally did get to sleep at 3am or so, I had one of the greatest sleeps. I slept between Bret and Arturo. It was nice and cozy! Oh, before the pillow fight we were all looking at Photo’s....more

The Secret to Being a PhD Student

What is it REALLY like to be a PhD student? It's not always what it looks like from the outside looking in. U. Ejiro O. Onomake is a third-year doctorate student who lets us in on a very important secret of in this post. ...more

Why Good Grades Don't Matter as Much as You Think

When I went to school, it was all about getting good grades. I complied. I graduated at the top of everything. Yet, when I entered the work world, very little of that mattered. A career is a whole different ball of wax that standard education doesn't really prepare you for. Christine of The Dirty 30s has a really fascinating take on why good grades aren't everything. She says, ...more
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5 iPhone Apps Every Student Blogger Must Have

Blogging is one of the most effective ways of learning, readin and writing. Not only is blogging a great avenue for self-expression, it also uses many regions in the brain and thus also helps in studying which makes it a perfect hobby for students. When blogging, students get to use both the right hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for creative and emotional functions, and the left hemisphere, which is responsible for analytical and logical thinking as well as the researching functions. ...more

Moving into Your Rental Home: Cable/Internet

One of the fun parts of moving into a new student house, or moving back into your student house after the summers over, is sorting out cable & internet among other things. It's a chore, no one likes to do it, and then on top of it you have to pay money every month for the services. So the goal here is to make it simple, show you have to save some money and make it a little bit less of a chore. This post strictly deals with internet and cable, as well as cable alternatives....more

The Student Who Taught Me

I met Ted the second semester I taught at a community college—just a few short years ago. He sat in the front row. His legs were too long to fit under the ridiculously small 1970’s desks we had then. The chair seemed tiny in comparison to his frame. He was a former Marine, 49, six-foot-five, and the oldest student in the class. Ted was even a couple of years older than the newbie instructor--me. When he first spoke up, challenging me on an essay we’d read for the English comp class, I thought, “What am I going to do with this dude?” ...more
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Finding Your Happy Place

So, today I'm beaming. Someone has nominated The Inklings of Life for the eCollegeFinder Top Parenting Blog award. This honor actually comes at an amazing time in my life, because I've been thinking of going back to college in the spring to pursue a paralegal degree. Funny how life works sometimes.In my acceptance email, they asked me for a few words of advice for their student parents. Considering I've been giving thought myself to returning to school, this question had an easy answer...Find your happy place....more