Nonverbal Assessments Should Be Used to Identify Gifted Students

The field of gifted education exists basically to guarantee the creation and continuation of exceptional projects for gifted students. These students have notable particular needs, none of which is more critical in the educational context than the requirement for separated educational module. Separated educational module requires the production of in any event semi-isolated gifted curriculum named, if certainly, all things are considered....more

Useful advice for first-year students.

 Many people think that University is the best time you’ll ever have and most of them are right....more

Just say No to homework

Imagine this: School is over. Your children go to their after-school sports activity or music lesson and finally comes home. They have time to play outside and get some fresh air and sunshine. At the dinner table, everyone has time to talk about their day before retiring for their separate activities for the evening. Your children go to bed on time....more

Controlling the teacher rage. Barely.

I was mid-sentence when he shuffled in, 11 minutes late. Teaching a morning class for most semesters over the last seven years, I’ve tried to pretend like I’ve made peace with this type of tardy behavior, so I ignored him.Image from
J-MOM Ahhhhhh! The students showing up late and wanting to take the quiz... MAKES ME CRAZY! I'm ...more

This will be on the test

My son is in real school now: He has defined classes, grades and real homework. So far, he has loved all of it. ...more

DIY High School SOS (Save Our Students!) kits

Be prepared with a DIY High School SOS (Save Our Students!) kits. These kits are worth investing some time into before the first day of school. It’s good to teach your tweens and teens to be prepared for when little annoyances occur. You can make a party out of it.. What you need can vary by kid so think of your child’s needs and what they might like.Sample SOS Kit :...more

I am not an education reformer but I look like one on the internet

Educators do need time to collaborate - time to reflect and support each other. This sounds like ...more

Making a SacStatement

Whenever I teach about organizational culture, I start by asking students to identify important elements of their school culture like physical artifacts, mission statements, values, rituals, rules, etc. For the last two years, my students at Sacramento State have readily identified Sac State's reputation as a "commuter school," meaning that students come to campus just for classes and then leave. This rep apparently translates to a lack of school spirit....more

Why I'm "mean" to Girl Scouts

I was getting some exercise with coworkers a few weeks ago when I saw a Girl Scout. She was about eight years old and with her daddy and absolutely adorable. She was also selling cookies....more