Styling With Stitch Fix | December


Using a Lace Front Wig? Know the Benefits

Wear a wig without creating the illusion of having one on your crown. If you’re going to wear fake hair, do it without letting it become prominent.Front lace wigs, as the name suggests, has lace attached at the frontal part of the wig, not the back, though.It uses silk lace and mesh lace. Silk lace is preferred for a more natural look....more

Full Skirt with Floppy Hat

Did I mention I LOVE Fall Fashion? The Sunday after coming back from San Juan, Puerto Rico was so nice, I decided to wear my favorite full skirt with a floppy hat to church....more

SImple Wavy Hair Tutorial

Hi, everyone! I just filmed my first hair video, a simple wavy hair tutorial. I would love if you watched it, I will put it below for you. I also wanted to do a post too just so it’s on the blog as well. Happy Monday to you and I hope your week is off to a wonderful start. So here we go!...more

Fall Trend Inspirations For Less Than $50

Fall has officially been here for over a month and as October winds down and November begins I am filled with all kinds of style envy and inspiration! I stumbled upon PinkBlush last year when I was pregnant with Greyson and was looking for cute, and affordable, maternity styles - huge emphasis on affordable. Now that I am seven months postpartum I am eager to resume my normal wardrobe and get back into everyday clothes that don’t have an elastic waistband or otherwise make me feel trapped in my nursing tops....more

Jealousy Is Such An Ugly Feeling

Jealousy is such an ugly feeling....more

What "Lies" Beneath

Lies have been the demise of many a relationship. However they are the firm foundation of one very near and dear to my derriere. And I’m not talking about those little white ones either. These are more full coverage and also come in beige, black, or cocoa…shapewear....more

The September "Issue"

Every fall without fail, completely unsolicited, it arrives…The September Issue. No, not Vogue’s ample annual offering with five and a half pounds of pages that finds its way to my mailbox at the end of August. But rather, the fashion fix I find myself in shortly thereafter....more

The Great White Hope

Few fictions have fueled more foolhardy quests and beguiled the hopeful hearts of full-grown women more frequently than the legend of those ever elusive, so-called “essentials of summer" -- white jeans. ...more