Action Scene Shoot

Hey everyone, I thought it would be fun to post one of the first photoshoots that one of the three, which is me (Trisha) that I ever styled & directed. Enjoy ! ...... Let me know what you think :) …….to see more please click here……

Fashion for women

Fashion clothing for the everyday woman, whether you are looking for a top for the office, the evening or the weekend our collection of women’s clothes has you covered at

I Used To Have Style...Now I Have a Son

I cannot be the only one....who used to have style, I'm talking up on the trends, shopped at fashionable stores, and thought of my wardrobe as something of an investment. Now, as a mom, all of that knowledge of what was haute has disappeared and has been replaced with a mastery of all the latest Lego sets, which doesn't quite compliment my outward appearance in the same way....more

New Arrivals: Kate Spade New York

Kate Spade believes it's the glitter things that count, and I can't agree with that statement any more! Especially for this time of year. We all have Thanksgiving dinners, holiday events and New Year parties to look forward to in future weeks. Bows, sequins, feathers...Kate Spade's newest arrivals have made shopping for these upcoming occasions quite simple. My wishlist for Santa grew bigger every minute I spent browsing through the pages at You'll see why, below!...more

Paris Fashion

I just returned from an amazing trip to Paris. From the baguettes to the clothing, Paris is where it is at. There are so many mixed reviews out there, when it comes to the French. I am sure most people have heard that French people are rude which is just a stigma they carry. I found the people to be delightful, well except for one waiter when I deliriously spilled something the morning I arrived. In my defense it felt like 2 am to me, after traveling all day and it was 8 am to them....more

What To Wear To A Wedding - Style Guide - 2013 Fall / Winter Edition

With the holidays quickly approaching, gift-giving and entertaining are probably at the top of your list of priorities....more

pinkblush maternity giveaway!

Humble Chic NY - New Online Store For Trendy Fashion at Affordable Prices

Humble Chic New York is a new e-commerce retailer that debuted this year....more

My Fashion Icon

Fashion is another passion of mine and when asked who my fashion icon is one particular name comes to mind, Blake Lively. Not only is she my fashion icon, but she is my over all celebrity role model....more

My Jewelry Down Low

I just came back from an amazing trip from Greece. We stayed in Mykonos for the majority of the time. It was so fun to dress up and experience all that the culture had to offer. Mykonos is so lively, especially during the night time. There are so many unique people from different places of the world, sporting amazing fashion. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite pieces of jewelry that I brought on my trip....more