OOTD: A Crazy, Glorious Monday with an Outfit to Match

I thought I was walking into a calm start to the week, but it was a crazy and glorious day with an outfit to match.  I'm slowly switching out my winter wardrobe with my spring clothes and it's rubbing off on my mood and my overall day for the better.If you haven't noticed, floral prints are practically on every piece of clothing in stores right now.  Like I have stated before, daisy print is huge this spring.  From floral head pieces, to tiny skater dresses, you will find pretty little flowers all over clothing in stores now....more

5 Fabulous Beauty Tips for Looking Gorgeous Every Day

Whether your goal is to look naturally flawless every day, or you prefer to up the glam factor and turn heads, you definitely need to know these coveted beauty tips (that supermodels and celebrities rely on to look picture-perfect). From learning how to ensure your makeup lasts all day to getting thick, long eyelashes (without having to glue on false eyelash strips), featured here are 5 fabulous beauty tips for looking gorgeous every day. ...more
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How Do You Do That?!

Here are just a few things that I wonder about and confuse me. So to people who excel at these things that I don't understand, how do you do that...?...more
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Spring/Summer Hair Trends 2014

Fashion week gave us an inside scoop, with their spring collections, on what the trendy hairstyles will be for the warm weather seasons. These hair trends are great to take your flat and boring hair to a new level. Texture in the spring and summer is and will always be trendy, because of the beachy look it gives. Another  great tip to give your flat hair a different edge is by parting it differently. Popular parts this spring are the middle and deep side part.  Twisted Up-Dos...more
I am a hair person. My hair is thick and wavy, I always wanted it to be straight. I change it ...more

Clover Canyon Spring 2014 Collection is bursting with Bold Colors & Playful Prints

Clover Canyon is a dynamic and colorful celebration of playful prints. This exquisite line of figure-flattering, contemporary apparel features a wide array of original designs and patterns, including everything from on-trend florals that bring out your feminine side to tribal prints that inspire you to travel to foreign lands in search of a worldly adventure....more

Save Up To 30% During The Shopbop Spend More & Save More Sale

Since its launch in 2000 as a modestly sized online boutique specializing in hard-to-find denim lines, Shopbop.com has grown to become one of the leading fashion retailers in the world. Curated with a chic, modern woman in mind, Shopbop offers a comprehensive collection of designer apparel and accessories to suit every style and occasion....more

A Mom Rut

I cannot be the only one…who checks them self periodically in order to determine if they have fallen into the dark crevice that is the Mom Rut.  The checks are easy to determine, have I worn these same jeans more than twice this week (check), have I resorted to only sort-of blow drying my hair (check), and when putting on my face (as my grandmother called it) did I only apply mascara (check).   Outcome: I am in a Mom Rut....more

SJP Shoe Collection by Sarah Jessica Parker

When actress Sarah Jessica Parker took on the starring role of Carrie Bradshaw in the hit HBO television series Sex & The City, she never could have dreamed that this pivotal role would launch her to superstardom. Best known for a seemingly never-ending wardrobe of flamboyant designer apparel and an awe-inspiring collection of fabulous shoes, SJP's stylish and quirky character quickly became one of the biggest fashion icons for women around the world. From sophisticated Manolo Blahniks to sky-high Jimmy Choos, Carrie Bradshaw's closet was overflowing with head-turning, jaw-dropping shoes. And if life imitates art, then it makes sense that Sarah Jessica Parker's personal taste in clothing and shoes would closely reflect the looks that Carrie Bradshaw became known for. ...more