A Simple Way to Add Style to Your Shoes

Just Do You

For the longest time I thought fashion was a cropped tie front cardigan paired with pink shirts covered in glittered butterflies. I ate up everything that limited too promoted and begged my parents for a pink north face Denali when it was the thing to have. ...more

Time For Change

I am standing in the middle of Ross Park Mall, fighting the urge to cry. Tonight is a national event, Mom's Nite Out. I should be having fun and smiling, but I am struggling.You all have heard the Abercrombie bull that went down this week. This here blog won't be linking to that mess, because more media is just what the selfish company wants. But I don't buy it that A&F is alone....more

Fab Fashion Fridays - Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington is my pick for this week’s Fab Fashion Fridays! The Scandal actress looked stunning in this Prabal Gurung ensemble. Kerry manages to look better in the creation than... continue to www.colourmeglam.com to read the rest of article  ...more

Fuchsia & Red

Calvin Klein blouse  /  TJ Maxx red pants (similar)  /  Nine West nude heels  /  DSW clutch   (...more

One Dress that Fits All Body Types!

Is there a type of dress that fits all body types and you can’t go wrong with it? Yes, there is! It’s a wrap dress! Designer Diane von Furstenberg first introduced the wrap dress in 1974 and it hasn’t gone out of style since. Not only is it very stylish and easy to wear, it can come in handy on many occasions. Why do wrap dresses fit all body types?...more

Fallen In Love

My love for fashion began pre-high school. After school or on the weekends, I enjoyed sketching designs of clothing I wanted to wear and then attempted to try and put it together using mum's sewing machine. She would just smirk and say..."are you sure that's how it goes?" I seriously disliked retail fashion back then, so I shopped for inspiration at non-mainstream retail stores in London because of the unique items I found (he, he, he)...more

Hot Trends for Spring 2013

Spring is almost here – it is time to pack up the heavy coats and scarves and enjoy the fresh new fashion. Designers and fashion houses have released their Spring collections, causing a buzz about the new styles and trends. Whether you enjoy avant-garde high fashion or more “toned down” every day looks, these exciting new trends are accessible and easily added to your existing closet....more

Lazy Lake Days

  Every summer, for over 40 years, my husband's family has gathered at Camp Richardson in Lake Tahoe, CA.  For a girl who absolutely does not camp, I must admit that Richardson's has a magical quality to it.  The cabins are minimal but quaint, the view of the lake never gets old, and spending time away from my DVR and the internet is secretly welcomed. ...more