What I'm Wearing Wednesdays

It is so stressful for me to pick fabulous outfits everyday. Would I stop? NEVER!All I'm saying is, it's a lot of work to turn out awesome outfit day after day, and to keep giving you guys fresh looks. It's also a lot of money.I'll admit, I have an aversion to wearing the same outfit twice....more

10 Essentials Every Fab Girl Needs In Her Wardrobe

1) Shades that make you feel like a movie star...more

If I Styled the Stars on the SAG Red Carpet...

I absolutely love Sofia Vergara-like, borderline obsessively. The only thing I do not love, however is the fact that everything she wears accentuates the fact that she is latino and that she works out 12 times a week. We get it, Sofia...you have the best 40-year old woman's body in the northern hemisphere. I am all for showing a little skin and playing up the heritage, but really with this dress and the boobs spilling everywhere? Plus, the huge platforms? One: this is not the grammy's...and two: you are not 27 anymore....more
Honestly, as a woman near Vergara's age, AND as a woman that has been pregnant five times...I ...more

"My Closet~Celeb Style"- Lauren Conrad Inspired!

Hello Fashionistas! I hope you all had a great week, and are enjoying your weekend as well! Today's post is a "collab" with my good friend and youtube guru "MakeupByMh". We decided to do a Lauren Conrad look, she has a tutorial on how do a Lauren Conrad makeup look on her channel, so make sure you check it out! ...more

Stripes + Fur


It's a dress, no it's a skirt!

How to Sexify your Winter Whites


Eclectic DIY and Thrifted Kids Room Tour: Shared Space

Well hello all of my darling little friends! I miss you all so very much. I can't believe its 2013. It's odd to me that I started this blog just one short year ago, and how much it's grown so quickly. Thanks all for reading! For 2013, I told myself-- not a resolution, 'cause I don't really set myself up for those kind of things, but I told myself that I would commit to becoming more organized. Oh, and patient. Yes, that's it....more

Embracing the SAH Style

Working from home has many beautiful advantages. Here's one........Recovering Church Lady Susie...more

Tragically hip

I remember it vividly… First day of school, sun was shining and I was surrounded by a gaggle of girls who were marveling over the peach skater skirt and sweatshirt ensemble I’d paired with black tights and patent leather oxfords. Mind you, this was Florida and it was at least 80 degrees. I had just started the 7th grade and on that day ( or a bit before) a fashionista was born. Fast forward a couple of decades to a move to NY, a thwarted design career and a need to have comfortable shoes and ya got…well, the pendulum swings between hobo and haute hippie pretty often....more