5 Things You Must Eliminate to Be Successful in Business

If you’re a budding entrepreneur trying to pave your way to a fruitful future via your own business, it’s surprising how many people are willing to tell you what to do. It’s good to take direction from experienced and successful people, but they’re overlooking a few core pieces of advice. Do you know the things you shouldn’t do? Are you aware of the traits you should drop and the things you should get rid of before you proceed?1. Your Fear of Failure ...more

5 Key Elements that are Pivotal to Success of Your Online Business

Anybody who wishes to start a business today thinks of going virtual due to the benefits offered. The ecommerce industry is over $1,500 billion dollar industry today, and around half of the revenue is generated in the US alone....more

Effective Time Management: My Experience with “The ONE Thing”

Effective time management is a tricky thing.You want to do so many things. Or maybe you want to do just one thing, but there are so many ways to go about doing it....more

5 Ways to Set the Stage for Growth

There’s no lack of “growth mindset” articles and quotes out there. Challenge is…After you “get it,” how do you “do it?”Making road for growth is about finding your own groove, so you can set YOUR stage that allows exploration and experimentation....more

8 Things Your Child Needs to Hear Today for a Great School Year

Whether it’s your child's first day of Kindergarten, or last day of high school, we’ve been there and we know how scary it can be.  We also know everything will be fine, right? Tell her to keep her head high, follow this advice and sky’s the limit:Tell Her to be Brave...more

Don't Settle, Be Great

I’ve been thinking about the whole idea of greatness, of becoming all that you can be, of fulfilling your potential.Does greatness matter? Should we care whether or not we accomplish anything important with our lives? Or is it okay to just not bother and settle for ordinary things?Someone said to me recently, “I’d rather be dead than not go after greatness!”...more

The business venture we don't want to fail

About seven years ago, my husband and I decided to go into a business venture together. The stakes were pretty high: We knew that it was a long-term investment and that we would be working crazy hours. We knew that we would not receive any financial gain from it and that once we entered it, there was no backing out. We were signing up for sleepless nights, an increase in marital strain and depression, and potential health risks....more