Why Women Should Help Each Other Get Ahead

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” ― Madeleine AlbrightI usually write about career topics that affect both men and women.However, I think it’s important to call out the amazing strides women are making in the workplace and beyond right now, but also address how we’re in danger of losing our momentum.In the past few years, there have been amazing triumphs. Three in particular come to mind:...more

Living in an Affluent Town Stinks

Isn't it the American dream to own a home in an affluent town with excellent schools? Well, I'm living it. Let me tell you why it's not all it's cracked up to be. I know, I know - “first world problems”, as my kids remind me. But we have great concerns for our family here. We are concerned about the lessons our kids are learning about the meaning of “success”. ...more
ParentingSunshine Thanks for reading, and glad you enjoyed it. I think many people are realizing ...more

How to Ace Your First Week of a New Job

Starting a new job is exciting, but also stressful. There's always a learning curve in any new office, no matter how much experience you are bringing with you. However, if you start off on a good foot, you set yourself up for success in your new job. Some of these might seem obvious, but maybe not for everyone. Here are my tips to help you ace your first week.  ...more

Living with everything vs. Lliving with nothing

 If I say there is no such thing as "Living with everything vs. living with nothing" ; will you believe me?Have you ever compared yourself with someone else.? Worried about the things you haven't accomplished.? or simply,  have you ever wished that you were someone else.? Then this post is for you....more

One SAHM's Not-So-Secret Resentment

Before I had kids and before I was married, I had big, fat dreams of living in New York City and owning my own event planning company. I'd wear high-end clothes that even Olivia Pope would envy. I'd be invited to fancy galas and black tie events. I'd even be honored at a few of them. I had it all mapped out: I'd be married by 27 and I’d have my first and only child at age 32. ...more
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Carinne Bird - Telling the Story


Defining What Success Means to You

Stop and think for a moment: what does success look like to you? It’s different for everyone. For some, their success will be defined by their career. A corner office, a large staff working under you, perhaps running your own business. For some, it’s defined by personal accomplishment. Getting married, having children, having a fulfilling home life. Others define success based on how they are perceived by the outside world: a large house, a nice car, a top-notch wardrobe. The definition is subjective. We all have our own personal yardstick for success....more

6 Lessons You Should Learn Before Starting College

With the back-to-school season in full swing, I wanted to take this time to share some advice with those heading off to college. I’ve only been out of college for two years, so it's still a time in my life I remember well. And I definitely recall what the biggest challenges were for me then. It’s an awesome time in your life, but also a stressful one as you try to figure out what you're going to do with the rest of your life. ...more
Good advice, I was a college professor and I saw a lot of students that could benefit from some ...more

5 Leadership Styles to Drop Now!

Jenn DeWallInternational Life & Career Coach for Professional Women...more

That is SO Not a Mom Fail

One of my Facebook friends put up a post this morning saying she thought she was the only mom around who hadn't taken a last-day-of-school picture of her kids. She hashtagged her post "mom fail." Um, no.That's #crazytalk.I know this mom, and she is amazing. She cares about her kids. She's enthusiastic and involved. I've never seen her when she wasn't smiling. (Note to my children: no, you cannot have her instead of me.)...more