Exercise: What’s Kept You From Succeeding?

Sometimes it is simply your own stubbornness and stuck thinking that are holding you back.This exercise asks you to be completely frank with yourself — asking some tough questions in a kindly voice to help you break through some of those nasty internal barrier success....more

The Fear of Flying

Many people out there are so afraid of success. Sometimes they know it, sometimes they don't. That sounds like foolishness. That sounds so contrary to popular belief but it is the truth. Fear of success is just as commonplace as the fear of failure. You come to be stuck in the one place you want most to get out of. You're not progressing forward or backward. You're just stuck. I've been there. I stayed there for many, many years....more

15 Keys to Success: How to Show Life Who's Boss

Inspiration is everywhere. It is in our surroundings, in the people we spend our days with and around, in the music we listen to, in the very the air we breathe. The tricky thing about inspiration is that it is usually the most elusive when we are actively looking for it.Then, when you least expect it, inspiration hits you like a beam of light shining through a dark grey sky. It is like an illuminating burst, engulfing you in brilliant glitter and reaching bright rays out to everything you see....more

Spicy Success...

Spicy is almost always better, in my opinion!  Whether that relates to food or to a story, and especially related to success.  It holds the interest, gets a reaction, adds flair to the taste, if you will.If failure really were the condiment that gives success its flavor, then every small success that I have had should about set my mouth on FIRE!  I have been interrupted, disrupted, given up, discouraged, beat down, angry, and now starting to finally taste that success-and it is SO good!  I want MORE....more

Tabasco Roads

 Tabasco Roads Photo Left: © Google Search...more

What is Your Success?

There it is! Your Blog on the Internet making you count in a space that has millions of others counted. You did it with nearly 3000 posts you are ? What? Is that not enough? Wait, did you want more? Whoa, don't get upset. The difficult thing about blogging is that success can come long after your first post or your 3000th. I started blogging as a platform for my candidancy for a City Council spot so my version of success was to be elected. ...more

The Secret of Success -- Gaining "The Inside Advantage"

An important message can be found in a story I heard many years ago. It’s one I have included in my book "The Inside Advantage:  How Ordinary People Can Accomplish Extraordinary Things." ...more

Spitting on the Myth of Multi-Tasking

Among the seventy-six emails I received within the last twenty-four hours, theone that gave me the most pause was entitled, “Let’s Face it, Success Means StayingHyper-connected.”     Woah! Red Flag Alert! Anything that tells me to be hyper, has a “run, don’t walk”effect on my gut. And yet, I felt the need to read the coverage of Fortune’s Most...more

Don’t TRY to Breastfeed…PLAN to Breastfeed.

Have you ever noticed that if you ask a pregnant woman,“Are you going to breastfeed or bottlefeed?”...more

The Special Sauce V1.4