Live Your Dreams - Now

The lights are low, illuminating the brick walls with a soft glow. The echoes of footfalls from well-heeled shoes bounce across the room then sink into crevices and corners. Beyond the oversized, unadorned windows, Main Street is quiet. It is, after all, a blustery, cold Monday night. Despite the date on the calendar, spring seems like it is still months away from arriving. It is a good-sized crowd gathered. There are young people from the local Governor’s School for the Arts. Older couples – presumably friends of one of the readers. Men and women. Other writers and poets....more

I Owe My Success to My Friends

This week, I learned that one of the reasons I am successful is that I have been lucky enough to have good friends. Specifically, good women friends. This past Monday I attended TEDx Columbia SC, an independent local TED event. One of the speakers was Dr. Linda Salane, director of the Leadership Institute at Columbia College. She talked about what's keeping women from being successful in business. ...more

Sometimes You Have To Quit To Succeed

 When you’re beating your head against a wall, it may just be time to quit.  After all, repetitive head-wall collisions are not very productive, nor comfortable.This is true with anything in life.  Whether you are struggling with a design you’re creating, a stitch technique, figuring out a pattern or raising your children.  In order to think and see clearly, sometimes removing ourselves from a stressful situation is the proper course of action.In order to come back afresh after a break. ...more

8 Things Successful Women Do Differently

Successful people do things differently. It’s the truth. The question is, are you doing these things? Are you preparing yourself to live the life you have always wanted? The one you’ve dreamed about. The one you are more than capable of living. Success is not only for certain people. It is something that anyone can achieve....more

Be A Magnet For Success

Sometimes it seems that if it weren’t for bad luck you’d have no luck at all. Try as you might, positive opportunities never appear in your life or may be fleeting at best. You want to be financially stable, happy, healthy, and deeply in love, yet one thing or another is constantly elusive. If this is the case, your subconscious may be holding you back....more

Wonderful Wednesday - Start the Day Planning for Success

Wonderful Wednesday - it is wonderful to start the day with a plan for success....more

Life's A School - Don't Be ABSENT! Simple Lessons on Happiness, Success, & Relationships

I've spent over 30 years studying material produced by some of the best "Life Coaches" in the world. In these over 200 pages, I will share the names of the authors and books they have written, celebrities, friends and family, all of those whose words have made a lasting impression in my life. I will also bring to light the experiences and lessons I have personally discovered during my ongoing study of thousands of motivational and self-help teaching materials, along with my opinions about the true meaning of happiness, life, success and relationships ...more

Losing and Gaining

What can you gain while you lose weight and inches through changing your eating and activity?

Do You Have What It Takes To Succeed

We all want to have what it takes to succeed. But actually having what it takes to succeed is often much more involved than we know. When we do not or are not willing to look at ourselves objectively we often overestimate how far we are willing to go to reach our dreams. By not looking at our own behavior long and hard with honest eyes it becomes  very difficult to be able to see ourselves and our behavior objectively....more