You’re a Full Time Mom!

Whatever your definition of being a mom is, Francielle Daly considers you a Full Time Mom....more

4 Ways to SUPPORT Your Husband - thoughts from HIS point of view!

Husbands have a lot on their plate. They work full time. They have home responsibilities. They take time with the kids. They fix the cars. They vacuum and cook when in a pinch. They wear many hats! They need just as much encouragement and support as we wives do - maybe even more!I asked my husband what he needs in the way of support. And these are his answers on how to support your husband!...more

There, alright? I did it. I left the house.

This morning I ate about a half a watermelon for breakfast. They’re packed with Vitamin C and lots of water. I hear Vitamin C is good for hangovers and that's good because I’m nursing one. Not really the drinker, I haven’t had a hangover in a near a decade. Watermelon is a fair consolation prize; Mommy’s now in her 30s and she is in no way shleppin’ the kids to the closest gas station to pick up a Gatorade....more

The Mother/Daughter Dynamic + Caregiving

Mom’s been talking about buying these barstools for under the counter for a few months now. She wanted chairs with a height control so her elderly body wouldn’t have to crouch to sit down. Mom’s been saving up to buy them....more
"Investing too much time and swear words." Funny line, good article! That's all heavy stuff you ...more

The Complexity, Joy and Pain of Human Interaction

Our lives are not easy.  ...more
Life Breath Present  Indeed they are! Well said.more

My Own Worst Enemy

NaBloPoMo – BlogHer – March 2014Wednesday, March 19, 2014 Would you say that you are your own best friend?~~~~~~~~Am I my own best friend? No, that would be my hubby. My status would be that ‘I am my own worst enemy’. I tend to ‘beat myself up’, but my hubby helps me turn my thoughts around and see the reality of the situations....more

Just one word?

Romans 8:28 - "God Works All Things Together. And we know God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them."  (nlt).  The other day my wonderful teenage daughter came home from school and asked me to describe myself and my most important role in this world in one word. ...more
Enjoyed reading this, I too have some of your same thoughts as a Christian, a ...more

Writing My Scars. Why I Share too Much in my Blogs.

I am a strangely private person. I say that because I keep my 'stuff' close to the vest. I'm not one to let people know if something is going on with me. I don't share my problems, or discuss my difficulties. However, once I gain a little understanding and truth about my process, I will share it all. Down to the last gory detail. Showing every bump, bruise and scar. Why? Because I am supposed to. I have to. It's my job. It's my call. I wouldn't be me if I didn't....more