Know NOW which Support Group to Go to. Then Go.

For the past five years, I have run a weekly support group for new breastfeeding moms. This isby far one of my most favorite things.  Typically, eight to 12 moms with babies four-months and younger come to group. We sit in a circle and one by one, each mom introduces herself and her baby. She gives us a back story of her breastfeeding journey and she gets the chance to ask me and the other moms questions about breastfeeding....more

Five Things Every Black Woman in Tech Needs in a Support System

It’s already an uphill battle being “the one” or one of the very few, especially when you’re in the tech field. You spend almost every day trying to prove your abilities and education aren’t just a stroke of luck or the result of some Affirmative Action hire. Any input or response you provide is usually sifted over like a search for pearls in the sand, even if it’s the most obvious solution possible. If you happen to disagree with someone and hold your position, then you become the “Angry Black Woman.”...more
yet one more reason why i <3 our POTUS!more

5 Things I Didn't Know About Miscarriages Until I Had One

  We have had 4 “first” ultrasounds. Three of which ended with the nurse calling the doctor in to meet with us. I have never really talked about the third one. To anyone. It was probably the most painful, hopeless, and helpless ultrasound I’ve had.   ...more

You Want Support. You Need Stretch.

 It’s awesome to have a support network when you are a new mama. You need that unconditional love.  But sometimes, a support network can feel little more like an enabling network.  Those who support you don’t want to see you get hurt or endure any pain. They don’t want you to make mistakes. They want to protect you from challenges that may be difficult for you. They try to save you....more

Strength on Loan: How to Repay the Supportive People in Your Life

After living in New York City for over 6 years, I’ve become pretty jaded. Not many things get me riled up about this bustling town…but for ONE exception.Humans of New York...more

9 Awesome Things Good Mom Friends Do Right

While some friends have stayed with us since grade school, others come in and out of our lives. Over time, our criteria for friends change. The criteria for an elementary friend might be as simple as living close to each other, a university friend might be someone who keeps the same hours as you, or is in the same classes. Sometimes, once the reason you were friends no longer exists, neither does the friendship. Yet, others join you at different stages of your life and stay with you for the remainder. ...more
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Surround Yourself With the Right People to Meet Your Health Goals

Each of these people motivates and encourages me and supports me in some way. I owe a huge amount of my success to the people that I have surrounded myself with. And this is something that is not just related to my success as a runner. It applies to every aspect of my life. The company you keep and the people you surround yourself with make all the difference in the world, so it's important to choose carefully! ...more
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10 Things Not to Say When A Child Has A Mental Illness

My 12-year-old son lives with mental illness. His first diagnoses, ADHD, came at the age of five. Subsequent diagnoses have since followed, beginning at age nine, when he was treated via outpatient hospitalization for five weeks for depression and mood instability. I openly discuss and write about our experiences as we've traveled this journey. All in the hopes that more people will be educated about mental health, and less will continue to stigmatize it. ...more
Can I give you a hug? Thank you for posting this, I know that it's difficult to open up ...more

When Your Friend Talks to You From the Grave on Facebook

The other night I was up late trying to finish a few blog posts and felt pretty defeated. I was disappointed with my drafts and basically just uninspired.I then tried to work on the young adult novel I wanted to pen, and instead I sat staring at a computer screen with 32 words on it. And they sucked. Every one of them....more
This is so sweet and touching and true. Self doubt is an ever present nemesis. I say we take our ...more