10 Things Not to Say When A Child Has A Mental Illness

My 12-year-old son lives with mental illness. His first diagnoses, ADHD, came at the age of five. Subsequent diagnoses have since followed, beginning at age nine, when he was treated via outpatient hospitalization for five weeks for depression and mood instability. I openly discuss and write about our experiences as we've traveled this journey. All in the hopes that more people will be educated about mental health, and less will continue to stigmatize it. ...more
Can I give you a hug? Thank you for posting this, I know that it's difficult to open up ...more

When Your Friend Talks to You From the Grave on Facebook

The other night I was up late trying to finish a few blog posts and felt pretty defeated. I was disappointed with my drafts and basically just uninspired.I then tried to work on the young adult novel I wanted to pen, and instead I sat staring at a computer screen with 32 words on it. And they sucked. Every one of them....more
This is so sweet and touching and true. Self doubt is an ever present nemesis. I say we take our ...more

No Sleep Till Bedtime

From my blog, Take It Easy...more

Where is Your Life Support?

Today a friend is standing by as the husband of a close friend is having to discontinue life support. My heart grieves for them. I cannot imagine how difficult a decision this must be.It has me thinking. Where do we draw our life support? And have we ever discontinued that support?...more

In Honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As we all know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month where many across the nation will launch a campaign to increase awareness....more

Caregiver Island: Creating Boundaries

I broke down last week and decided to send my sister, Youngest Sister, a letter practically begging her for more visits from her. I tried to keep the letter positive. I tried to say that we could create joy—family—in a new state.  Sure, I knew that she could not just drop everything and leave a different state, a different world. But I asked her to at least consider the possibility if the stars aligned.And a few days ago I pleaded with both sisters about our family’s need to come together for a united plan for Mom....more

You’re a Full Time Mom!

Whatever your definition of being a mom is, Francielle Daly considers you a Full Time Mom....more

4 Ways to SUPPORT Your Husband - thoughts from HIS point of view!

Husbands have a lot on their plate. They work full time. They have home responsibilities. They take time with the kids. They fix the cars. They vacuum and cook when in a pinch. They wear many hats! They need just as much encouragement and support as we wives do - maybe even more!I asked my husband what he needs in the way of support. And these are his answers on how to support your husband!...more

There, alright? I did it. I left the house.

This morning I ate about a half a watermelon for breakfast. They’re packed with Vitamin C and lots of water. I hear Vitamin C is good for hangovers and that's good because I’m nursing one. Not really the drinker, I haven’t had a hangover in a near a decade. Watermelon is a fair consolation prize; Mommy’s now in her 30s and she is in no way shleppin’ the kids to the closest gas station to pick up a Gatorade....more