What's In A Name? Why Rebranding Gilda's Club Matters

When I first read that the Madison, Wisconsin chapter of Gilda’s Club was changing its name because younger cancer patients didn’t know who Gilda Radner was, I did the logical thing. I went to Pinterest. If young people don’t know who Radner was, then certainly there wouldn’t be pages of pins. And I wouldn’t scroll through many more pins if I searched “delicious ambiguity,” that beautiful quote from her memoir. Guess what Gilda's Club of Madison? Pinterest totally knows who Gilda Radner is. Totally....more
I'm sure I'm repeating others, but I guarantee the same people have no clue who Komen is and ...more

Life on an unexpected road…

It’s been almost ten months since Monkey was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis and what a crazy ride it’s been so far. Full of many downs but also full of some great and unexpected highs....more

Run for the Cure

Every year the CIBC Run for the Cure takes place across Canada. It is a 5k or 1k run or walk that raises not only funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, but also awareness for the need for continued research....more

The Story of a High Horse

Last week a blogger, Issa Waters, posted No Excuses: Parenting Isn’t Hard. I love the premise of her piece, but her judgemental stance was pretty confronting and she used some strong language that got a few people pretty wound up....more

Pass the BATON To Someone You Admire or Who Has Inspired and Supported YOU!

I am emotionalized, inspired and uplifted and want to bring you with me.  Not often does one get to all three of those glorious feelings in the same moment and then have the opportunity to make it last for a while.  Here it is and I invite you to come along! ...more
@FatCat Thank you! She is so not about tributes, but glad she let me go on about her and pass ...more

The Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award for me?

Blogging about my blog's first bestowal...Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award. A nice gesture from fellow mom bloggers and it helps bring an audience to your blog.  http://guamgoddessintraining.blogspot.com/2012/07/fabulous-blog-ribbon-award-for-me.html...more

Why I Love the People Who Raised Me

An hour and fifteen minute phone call full of support. On father's day.Shouldn't I be the one offering love on this day?It's the way he says he loves me when we say goodbye. It's not just the words, it's the way he sounds when he says them. As though he just really needed to say it. Some day, those will be the words I remember in my head, some of the many words I will one day remember him by....more

Are you asking for what you need?

It can be tough to admit when we need to ask for something. It’s easy to think we’re not as together as we should be or that we’re a whiny or wimpy pregnant woman. Please, please let’s give ourselves the gift of gentle compassion and the permission to ask for what we need. It can sound easy and we think, “Yeah, yeah, I’ll do that. Of course, I’ll ask for what I need and what my baby needs.” And then it sneaks up on us. We’re going along pretending we’ve got it all together and that we’re not stressed and tired as we try to accomplish all that people are used to us handling....more

To The One Who Lost Someone This Week and Others Who Are Hurting

It was a hard week for my People this week. One had a serious break-up. One lost a beloved pet. One lost a great-grandson. One marked the four-month anniversary of a death in the family.And still others I know are continuing their own ongoing struggles. Family, health, finances, employment... and so many more aspects.It seems that everyone I know ~ every one ~ is going through so much. Not just a little jostle, but a full-on battle to keep walking this tightrope of life....more

We Are Here: An Online Community Mobilizes To Help Its Own

A few months ago, I started writing my story in the form of this blog. I didn't know then and still do not know where it will lead me, but along the way I discovered a fulfilling, new community of friends. We live across America and across the globe, and we speak to each other daily in 140 characters or less....more