Stop With Your Memes: I'm The One Who Cares

I'm going to start this with a vent: I can't stand those "No one cares" memes.  You know, the ones that say "No one cares what you did at the gym today" or "No one cares about what you made for dinner."  Kids, pets, food, workouts ... everyone seems to have something they don't want to see people posting about....more
Love this!  I am with you, 100%!  I follow the people that I do because I'm interested in their ...more

The Silence that Comes with a Health Crisis

I spoke out from the very beginning about it, which resulted in many friends and family members stepping forward and offering their support. Sometimes, their words weren't helpful. At all. In fact, sometimes their words were downright inconsiderate. But do you know what I remember more than the ignorant remarks?  I remember the silence. ...more
@ItsAllRelative How awful. I'm so sorry for your family's loss!more

Learn a New Way to Take Action Now - Create a TAN Network

It is magnificent to learn a new way to take action now by creating a TAN network. In order to accomplish your mission, to get things done and to make your dreams come true, there always comes a time when you must TAN aka Take Action Now....more

To the Childless... but not childless by choice.

I’m sorry.  Not for anything I’ve done (I hope!), but in general.I’m sorry for the stupid advice you hear (“Just take a vacation and you’ll get pregnant! ‘Just’ adopt! Have you tried ___?”)  As if you haven’t read every word, tried ever surefire method, eaten every bizarre magical food....more

It Takes a Village

Today my bipolar child became threatening again, I tried to offer him support to help him calm down, a new technique that has proven to be successful, but today it wasn’t working and things were escalating quickly. So I did something I’ve never done before, I called for back up.While holding my son’s door shut, as he tried to throw stuff at me from the other side, I called a friend to come to my house, I told her it was an emergency. Knowing our family situation, she dropped everything and quickly came to our house. ...more

For Family and Friends of Abuse Survivors

How are you supporting the abuse survivor in your life?Really think about that for a moment. Perhaps you support them in your heart, but do they know that? Do they feel your support? If yes, are you sure?...more

Please help out!

Hello, I know htis is a weride request for all of the ladies out there but I need help!  I promote a band out of Los Angeles.  Singer is family!  They were just voted top 9 in California last month.  I need to get votes for them in a talent contest so they can get a spot in a huge festival.  Please open the link below and vote for them by hitting the like button.  I am pretty sure you have to have your Facebook account to do it (dont know if I am supposed to say that here), but I need your help!  Please vote!  Thank you Ladies!...more

3 Tips To Get Your Spouse On Board With Your Business

Last week at the first ever Rockin Mompreneur event, I handed out a survey with a series of questions and a section for additional comments. Later when I went over the surveys a topic that it seemed like a lot of the women wanted to cover at the next event was how to get your spouse on board with your business....more

I Dare You! Show Us Your Closet!

Monica: " Huah?!!!.....How did you get in there?!" Chandler: (intense giggles) "You're messy!"Monica: "No you weren't suppose to see this!"...more

Support an Expectant Mom, Support the "Loving the Pregnant You" message

The Loving the Pregnant You book crowdfunding publishing campaign is underway!What is a crowdfunding publishing campaign?It’s a fancy term which means……readers can buy advance copies of the Loving the Pregnant You book for a fee that’s less than retail cost + taxes + shipping (i.e., can get a good deal!) while financially supporting the book to successfully come to market....more