You Don't Have To Go It Alone

When you're trying to make something big happen in your life, you don't have to go it alone.Find someone who you can talk to about your dreams, goals and plans.Nurture relationships with people who give you constructive, rather than destructive, feedback. You'll get where you want to go much faster when you feel supported and encouraged.There are at least 2 ways I suggest you get support....more

Upstairs, Downstairs

I love watching Downton Abbey.  The relationships and politics of the upper class and their servants are not only intriguing but offer a peek into the world of folks who depend on others for things that I consider basic adult responsibilities and those that serve their needs upstairs but are dependent on these people for their livelihood.  I love seeing how "the other half," as they were once affectionately called, lives though now they are clearly the 1 %, no halfsies about it.  This interests me more than most be...more

New Social Network for Survivors of Abuse

Update: The Dandelion is live!Hello everyone! The time has come to put this blog to bed. It has served it's purposed, but I have moved on to bigger and better things! I've had an idea brewing in the back of my mind for awhile now, and I'm finally making it a reality....more

Women are helpful... Mommies are VERY Helpful

Women are awesome. They are often so very willing to help…especially Mommies.When I had pregnancy-related questions and when I am in the need of parenting help, I know who to go to. Other Moms! They always have ideas, encouragement, and support....more

What's In A Name? Why Rebranding Gilda's Club Matters

When I first read that the Madison, Wisconsin chapter of Gilda’s Club was changing its name because younger cancer patients didn’t know who Gilda Radner was, I did the logical thing. I went to Pinterest. If young people don’t know who Radner was, then certainly there wouldn’t be pages of pins. And I wouldn’t scroll through many more pins if I searched “delicious ambiguity,” that beautiful quote from her memoir. Guess what Gilda's Club of Madison? Pinterest totally knows who Gilda Radner is. Totally....more
I'm sure I'm repeating others, but I guarantee the same people have no clue who Komen is and ...more

Life on an unexpected road…

It’s been almost ten months since Monkey was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis and what a crazy ride it’s been so far. Full of many downs but also full of some great and unexpected highs....more

Run for the Cure

Every year the CIBC Run for the Cure takes place across Canada. It is a 5k or 1k run or walk that raises not only funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, but also awareness for the need for continued research....more

The Story of a High Horse

Last week a blogger, Issa Waters, posted No Excuses: Parenting Isn’t Hard. I love the premise of her piece, but her judgemental stance was pretty confronting and she used some strong language that got a few people pretty wound up....more

Pass the BATON To Someone You Admire or Who Has Inspired and Supported YOU!

I am emotionalized, inspired and uplifted and want to bring you with me.  Not often does one get to all three of those glorious feelings in the same moment and then have the opportunity to make it last for a while.  Here it is and I invite you to come along! ...more
@FatCat Thank you! She is so not about tributes, but glad she let me go on about her and pass ...more

The Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award for me?

Blogging about my blog's first bestowal...Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award. A nice gesture from fellow mom bloggers and it helps bring an audience to your blog.