A Special Friend

The Holy Spirit is my companion but in His Body, He has gifted me with many other faithful companions and Agnes is one of my special friends....more
Wonderful post!  Agnes Sandford is new to me.  Thank you for sharing this!more

More Than I Hoped For

Yesterday, after sitting in front of my laptop for over an hour contemplating whether or not to hit the "publish" button, I posted an entry about my struggles with depression.  I could not have anticipated the outpouring of love and support that you guys have given me.  And I could not have anticipated the many of my friends who have come forward and acknowledged their own struggles.  I was struck by how many people posted comments here and on Facebook.  ...more

My Afterlife Series - Thinking of You

By Susan Keats, Contributor &  Seize-the-Day PropagandistAn old friend of mine recently chopped her finger off.It wasn’t intentional and it wasn’t her whole finger, but it was a nice chunk. She was trimming plants in her garden and trimmed her thumb right off along with a stem. Ugh! It must have been awful!...more

my husband has aspergers, but today he's being a jerk

my husband has aspergers, but today he's just being a jerk....more

When Your Safe Place Becomes a Judgement Zone

After my oldest son was born I became involved with a wonderful organization that helped me through some of my darkest hours of feeling broken and taken advantage of the maternity care system in our country. I was heavily involved until I got pregnant with my daughter.And to be honest – I was never planning a third child – EVER....more

On Being Chamorro...

Some of my thoughts, On Being Chamorro... http://guamgoddessintraining.blogspot.com/2012/03/on-being-chamorro.html...more

Collateral damage - what suicide does to the left-behinds

Today is the day I realized why some people feel suicide is selfish.  Today is the day I saw the collateral damage caused to the left-behinds.Over the past few weeks I have met with a number of individuals who were left in the wake of a suicide by someone they knew.  I listened as those individuals as they shared their intimate stories.  Myself included, we could not get through the re-hashing of events without immense emotion.  Some recollections were accompanied by trembling bodies, panic attacks, and re-lived grief....more

Who is Sitting in the Bleacher Seats of Your Life?

I find that my confidence level has a direct correlation to the positive attitudes of those people I am around. It doesn’t matter if they are at the office or my personal life. If I am constantly around negative people, overtime doubt and fear start edging their way into my life and my self-confidence starts plummeting. I find that negative people have a tendency to gossip about anything … it could be distress in someone’s life whether someone they know or someone on the front page of Google News....more


There have been plenty of times where I wanted to give up, throw in the towel and just run away from my problems.  I have cried, battled with self-esteem and a lack of ambition and motivation.  Oftentimes we don’t realize that we already have what we need inside of us to get things done.  It’s up to YOU to realize it. Giving up is one of the easiest things to do.  When you have the true strength to hold on, that’s when the faith begins to push through.  If you are having trouble figuring out your problem, question or situation, the best thing is to write it down....more

...am I a terrible person because I don't want to be support today?

...am I a terrible person because I don't want to be support today? ...is it ok if I want to run away for a while? Is it ok if I want to hide? To get in my car, fill the gas tank, and drive to where no one knows me? Maybe not alone. Maybe with someone close to me. But is that ok? Can I just run away? Somewhere quiet. Somewhere safe....more