There have been plenty of times where I wanted to give up, throw in the towel and just run away from my problems.  I have cried, battled with self-esteem and a lack of ambition and motivation.  Oftentimes we don’t realize that we already have what we need inside of us to get things done.  It’s up to YOU to realize it. Giving up is one of the easiest things to do.  When you have the true strength to hold on, that’s when the faith begins to push through.  If you are having trouble figuring out your problem, question or situation, the best thing is to write it down....more I a terrible person because I don't want to be support today? I a terrible person because I don't want to be support today? it ok if I want to run away for a while? Is it ok if I want to hide? To get in my car, fill the gas tank, and drive to where no one knows me? Maybe not alone. Maybe with someone close to me. But is that ok? Can I just run away? Somewhere quiet. Somewhere safe....more

Appreciative for Supportive Partners

I accused my partner of sabotaging my efforts when he threw bacon into the pot of rice and when he threw italian sausage into some other meal.  Acusations are not a good foundation for marriage and luckily he took my attacks in stride because today I got to see what it was like when my partner really supported my efforts.I did not want to exercise and I certainly did not want to do my elephantine-thudding and grunting around my partner, but ultimately I was pretty happy just hanging out on the sofa playing with the kids....more

Where Do Moms of Teens Go?

I was looking around the internet the other day for a collaborative website (think Babble, or BlogHer) that includes A) Single moms, B) moms of teens C) Single moms of teens or any combination of the three.I mean, there are places for singles women, newly divorced/going through a divorce women, pregnant women, women with fertility issues, new mommies, mommies of newborns, multiples, toddlers, kids. But once our children near the end of their childhood and stand on the cusp of teenhood, all of sudden, us mothers are, well on our own....more
ScarletRed my son is 17 years old, but when he was 16 we had all those problems.  He too was ...more

Join Our Free Cyber Support Group

Going through a divorce can be isolating.  Depending on the problems with your marriage, you may be feeling fear, guilt or shame.  You may have been keeping your marital problems secret for a long time, believing that one does not ‘air their dirty laundry’. You may have been blamed or accused of being crazy because you instinctively knew that something was wrong but always had your feelings diminished or invalidated.Now that you have decided to end your marriage you need to talk about it and process this dramatic new change in your life. ...more

A Loving Lasting Marriage

A Loving Lasting Marriage2012- My love story began 12 years ago in 2000. I would have never thought that I would still be so in “Love” but I am! Now our love has grown into a marriage and a family. As this year began and the clock struck 12 couples shared their first kiss of the year. At the same time I saw those who were alone on T.V. or saw their posts on Facebook that they are single and looking for love this year or even that they have given up on love....more

The "B" Side of Life

I recently went to my hair stylist, Gordon, as I have done every 5 weeks for 15 years. I wrote about Gordon previously after he was a survivor of the Salon Meritage massacre in October.  Gordon is an amazing person who has recently experienced far more tragedy in his life than he – or anyone – should have to endure. As we were talking about how he is getting through this uncomfortable and confusing time he said this:...more

Gratitude for Moms, For Their Friendship And Their Wisdom

Dear Women of the Internets or Blogosphere or Whatever You Call It,...more
Thanks for this great post, Stacy! Thanks for putting into words some of the important ...more

Free bananas & Community

What do you do when you go grocery shopping and unexpectedly get a lot of FREE [ripe] bananas......more

Happiness Is A Warm Gun......

One crucial ideal in my life, living with Bipolar Disorder, is my never-ending support system that will not go unnoticed.   My support system includes my Mental Health team (my shrink and therapist), my online support group, my family, and friends of course.   Normally when I'm in a session talking about my supports I reference my immediate support system, being my friends and family.  These are the people I can turn to at the drop of a hat when the $h*t$ about to hit the fan.  So far they've never let me down....more