This One's For the Girls As many of you are probably aware, thanks to the wildly successful pink-ribbon campaign, i...more

Pacifism And Supporting Our Troops


Do your friends empower you?

Tonight I celebrated the 31st birthday of a friend I met in DC just over a year ago, about a month before her 30th birthday, which I also was privy to. A small gathering in the backyard of her boyfriend's mother's house, we each went around the table toasting to her, sharing our little nuggets of how Molly has impacted our lives, whether we've known her for five years, a year, or maybe only a few months....more

Kids Coping With Death-Loss: Year-round Support Groups - Boston

The Souper   Jeff's Place: Year-round support groups in Metro-Boston for kids coping with death-loss. Summer Camp Week affiliated with The Manitou Experience. Join Facebook for Jeff's Place to learn more and share this link with others. Jeff's Place Grief support 4 kids coping with death-loss....more

New Beginnings

Tomorrow is the big day! I start my new job with a new attitude, a new outlook on life, and a newly reorganized closet.  The latter is very important. I’m still ultra excited about how it turned out. I am officially proclaiming that I am done switching from job to job every couple of years or so. The only way they’re getting rid of me at this new place is if I am fired, laid off, or some other company seeks me out and offers me a boat load of cash. Otherwise, put a fork in me because I’m done.  I’m getting too old for this. So, I’m all set for this week....more

That place is lucky to have someone with your enthusiasm and drive. Best of luck on your first day!more

Who is this Nanakoosa chick anyway?

The intention and goal of this project is to organize survivors who wish to be actively involved in public policy making, service delivery and public education. There are many ways to accomplish these goals. Writing our stories and sending them to politicians, service providers and funding sources can have a substantial impact. Forming Advisory committees, organizing survivor speak outs, using art and film to record our histories are all effective methods to make our message heard. We ARE the experts on Domestic Violence, we know what services are lacking and which ones are working....more

Depression: What’s Your Role?

Gained one head...goal is to lose yeah, pass the cheesecake...and don't give me that look..

Calling all angels!I need cyber hugs and carrots dangling in front of my face.  Ding dongs would be a better motivator, but slightly against the goal of this effort.Help keep me motivated - I need swift and repeated kicks in the ass - PLEASE!!!...more

Motherly Advice

  Today's "advice" is from a different perspective: that of a father. Today's post is actually a bit of "Fatherly Advice" from Dear Husband....more

Woohoo, It's Officially Senior Year

WOOHOO, HSB is at his last final. It is algebra 2 and it will be a bear. We had him see the Saturday tutor, the during the week tutor both Monday and Tuesday. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he passes. Hell I will take a C, so he can get a descent grade for the year. The poor kid has earned it. I have to say that in my recollection, this has got to have been the worst year for this child....more