Don't fear the SPANX honey, You're a HERO!

Today I got to go with my daughter to a sacrament meeting given by the special needs youth. She was called to be a buddy and has worked with the special needs mutual since August. I have been to three of these Sacrament meetings now, and each time I walk out to the car after crying off most of my make-up. I look pathetic, but I am smiling. ...more

Dealing with attitudes

4th April 2005 Been a better day today. Helped by having a decent conversation in the chat room yesterday, made me realise how lucky I am compared to others who have greater problems than me. A couple of hours ago one of the church members came round to see us to let us know he wanted to give us his car. Typical I start something and company turns up so will have to come back to this later....more

Summoning The Muse

  You know where it is inside you. Remember and connect with it....more


"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin." ~ William Shakespeare    ...more

Dear Hillary: I Need a Mail-Order Village

I know what I want this year. And I'm appealing directly to the First Star on the Right and the laws of Scratch 'N Play Lotto. With a strong appeal to Hillary Clinton. For my village. Because I'm village-less. ...more

i hit sparkle. and fave. what the hell else do I do????

you know i love you girlmore

You Don't Realize What You Do To Me

Love heals, comforts and relieves. It can't be held back, negotiated or restricted....more

Coming Soon To A Theater Near You...

                                                                   I’m looking for a few good men… and women.  It’s not every day I write a sentence that blatantly flirts with movie titles; that was fun, maybe I’ll do it more often!  We’re up to our eyebrows in inspiration for 2011 here at Ha Nui Loa.  For those new to these posts I’ll quickly point out that Ha is the Hawaiian word for breath, specifically the breath of life.  You may even have heard the phrase Aloha nui loa if you’ve been to the islands.  Ha is the first part of Hawaii; its life, it is the last part of aloha, you could say the life of love and hospitality.  When we say Ha Nui Loa we want to convey the thought “take a long, deep breath”.  Be at ease, rest.   The truth is we want to inspire you: there is a better way to live your day to day life, show you how to do it: not as difficult as you think, and give you the tools and confidence to continue on a new path: there are new destinations ahead!Ok, now that our intro is complete…cue music…on to new territory!  As we are all well aware we are decidedly into a new calendar, a new decade for that matter.  Thoughts of obligatory resolutions and determinations abound this time of year.  We are no exception, even those of us living on island time.  We went about our *consideration of things to come* process a bit differently this time around though, and while we are excited about some upcoming ventures, we really want to get some great info into your hands... ...more

"I Don't Need A Man" - I'm Calling BS On This Catch Phrase

Over the past three years since I got divorced, it is by far THE most popular statement I’ve heard from women: “I don’t need a man”.  And it’s been said with passion.  Power.  Ownership.  As if it’s been EARNED.   ...more
I totally agree!!! I desire to be with a man!!!more

My next leap

Entrepreneurs: if you want your own business, or want more for the one you have, I'm your gal. I love the excitement inherent in going solo and am ready to roll up my sleeves to help you build success your way. I'll admit, though, it's easier said than done. As an entrepreneur myself, I've spent years biding my time to commit fully to running my own business. Up until now I was a dabbler. Not anymore. ...more

Breastfeeding: A Call For Support

Recently, I was chatting with my friend who attends a weekly breastfeeding luncheon and she mentioned to me that the Surgeon Generals recent "Call to Action" regarding breastfeeding stated that only 13% of moms exclusively breastfed their babies by their sixth month. I have to be honest, I was really shocked by that number. Only 13%? Are you sure, I asked. Sure enough, upon doing a little googling, I found she wasn't lying....more