I was on a break

A surgery break.  Damn knee.  Got it all cut up and corrected.  Healing time.Still divorcing.  Still trying to figure out HOW to finish this divorce.  Move on….be done.I think there are some misconceptions — no, I don’t want to fix it.  I think I addressed that in another blog.  There’s nothing to fix.  Nowhere to go but forward.  Alone....more

Bye bye organ they tell me I don't need...

Here I sit, all broken-hearted, they took my gallbladder and since then I haven't farted.   Okay, yes, I could have been less crass with that opener. Nay, should have been less crass with that opener especially since I know I've opened my blog up to possible view by future advertisers, but, well.... It's where I'm at today.  ...more

Thankfulness Tuesday: Post Surgery

So, I had planned this post as a post surgery post but I hadn't had the energy to write much. So what you'll get is short and sweet. I promise to get more substantive blog posts soon. To read more, visit: http://www.georgiapeachmommy.blogspot.comXo,J...more

Thankfulness Tuesday: Surgery

I wasn't going to write this post because I really don't like drawing attention to health issues, but then I had several friends remind me that the reason people like to read my blog is because I'm real and honest. Well, here's the real and honest truth friends. I had surgery yesterday. And surgery stinks.To read more, visit: http://www.georgiapeachmommy.blogspot.comXo,J...more

"Walk on Water" by Michael Ruhlman

Some books pull you in from the opening pages, grabbing your attention before you even know you’re hooked. Others build your interest over time, weaving fact and narrative into an engrossing tapestry that subtly wraps you in their grasp.A few do both....more

A year ago at this time

They played a song on the radio the other day, a tune from an album I had just purchased and was listening to on repeat (as I tend to do with most of my new music) around a year ago at this time. I've heard the song many times since then, of course, but as I was listening to it this past Tuesday - a September day with that certain early autumnal crispness in the air - I was stopped in my tracks and flooded with memories. ...more

They Are Cutting Me Open

Ok so I have not had surgery in probably at least 10 years or so.  I have had two colonoscopies but no cutting involved there.  I have also had one cystoscopy no cutting there either.  I was under anesthesia.  I have had two exploratory laparoscopies for my endometriosis and that is the surgery I refer to being around 10 years ago....more

Sunday Summary - Light at the End of the Tunnel Edition

After four months of very interesting times ("May you live in interesting times" - isn't that supposed to be a curse?!), I do believe we can see a tiny pinprick of light winking at us from the end of the tunnel. ...more

#274 Present, Day 13 of 31

I work in a small community hospital.  Most of my day to day patients are what could have been seen in a primary care provider's office if only we had enough primary care providers.  They're the coughs and colds and bladder infecti...more

Crowdfunding Life-Changing Surgeries Around the World

In the United States, and much of the developed world, we often take for granted the basic comforts we have as new mothers -- prenatal care, a clean place to give birth, access to pain medication, and acute treatment for complications.  Yet for millions of women around the world, these luxuries are unknown.  ...more