Am I Infertile or Barren?

There are so many labels I could give myself: woman, mom, sister, aunt, hyster-sister, Intended Parent (IP), adoptive mother, cousin, friend, vegetarian, blogger… the list goes on and on.  But it’s defining my fertility status that I’m unsure of.Does having a hysterectomy make me Infertile?  I looked up the definition of infertile and it read, “of a person… unable to reproduce.”  Or, am I barren?  That definition says, “of a woman unable to have children.” ...more

Grateful For My Hysterectomy: Surrogacy & Adoption

Amidst the balloons, the flying wrapping paper, the half-eaten cupcakes and toys haphazardly strewn about the house, I’m reminded why today is special. It’s not just my eldest daughter’s 10th birthday, but it’s also the anniversary of my induction into the hyster-sisterhood....more

Succeeding to Fail

Candace- HOPE- Sunday, the night before our beta was like the day of emotional turmoil. Nervously, and with heavy hearts we both knew what the outcome was. I mean it's kind of obvious when you blazed through close to 7 or 8 boxes  of home pregnancy tests. Each one, hoping to grasp for some sign that the one before was wrong. This is where hope comes in, although all of these home tests were negative, we still tried to convince ourselves that just maybe they were wrong. You start to develop a myriad of excuses to yourself why it maybe positive. Late implantation? Low betas?...more

The Definition of Insanity

Insanity- To do the same thing multiple times and expect a different outcome ...more

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child, and Sometimes It Takes One to Have a Child

The bones of my birth story and becoming a mother are like everyone else's: a woman in labor in the hospital; the hum of the equipment monitoring the woman and the baby; the nurses moving in and out; moans as the contractions intensified and soothing words. The details are different. I was not the woman in labor although the baby being born was my biological child. ...more
Good to hear your experiences as a mother. We adopted a kid an year back and now we say that its ...more

The Hashtag

This whole surrogacy thing can be incredibly surreal at times. Most Assisted Reproductive Medicine (ART) is team oriented in that it takes so many people - doctors, nurses, sometimes egg/sperm donors - to make the magic happen. But surrogacy is probably the most team oriented as the third party's obligations last much longer than say, a sperm donor's....more

When Surrogacy Gets Complicated...

What would you or anyone do if they were in this extremely sensitive situation? A couple, who were already parents to three had sought out a surrogate so they could add to their family since the mother of three was unable to have more children. The surrogate selected was not a friend or someone they knew, it was a woman found using an agency. A woman who had financial struggles but was ultimately doing a job to both help a family as well as receive payment....more

Processing Advice for Expectant Moms via Surrogacy

There seems to be no shortage of advice for visibly expectant moms. But what about those of us approaching parenthood from different places? As an expectant mom via gestational surrogacy, the tried and true pregnancy tomes are helpful (kinda, sorta, I guess) but there’s often no room to get to my questions, the ones specific to our situation. Having a baby that’s gestating several states away from you brings with it its own set of questions, worries and concerns that you, as a soon-to-be-mom, are doing everything right, or as right as can be. ...more
This was great. We are at almost 28 weeks now with a gestational carrier and I wish we had seen ...more

Advice from a Surrogate to Intended Parents

I am a former gestational carrier. In 2006, I delivered a healthy baby boy to his parents. Unlike most other surrogates, I have also experienced a personal battle with infertility. Due to a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), I needed fertility treatments to achieve each of my pregnancies. Which means that while I have the perspective of a gestational carrier, I also have been an expectant mother after infertility. Being an expectant mother after infertility is an emotional blend of excitement and worry. Being an expectant mother via surrogacy adds in a unique layer of feelings and concerns. ...more
I always knew that if I ever had kids, it would be through surrogacy but there never was any ...more

Nature versus Nurture – I Love Mine Just the Same

A question you may have for me or my husband might be, “Was it difficult for you to decide to adopt and go through the egg donor process?” You may also be secretly asking yourself, “Are their feelings any different (or is their love any less) for their children since they are not 100% biological?” I would answer the first by saying that there are several answers to that question. The second one is super easy though—I can’t imagine loving my children any more than I already do. I mean that from the very bottom of my heart....more