My Surrogate Mother

This is the first time I’ve ever referred to my surrogate as my boys’ surrogate mother.  I’ve always hesitated before when thinking about her as a mother in connection with her pregnancy to carry my twin boys.  But, the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that her proper title should be surrogate mother or surromom, as is commonly referred to within the surrogate community....more

When Surrogacy Gets Complicated...

What would you or anyone do if they were in this extremely sensitive situation? A couple, who were already parents to three had sought out a surrogate so they could add to their family since the mother of three was unable to have more children. The surrogate selected was not a friend or someone they knew, it was a woman found using an agency. A woman who had financial struggles but was ultimately doing a job to both help a family as well as receive payment....more

Mitt Buys Surrogate With Abortion Clause, But No Backbone

Mittens may be richer than your average bear, but if the past two weeks of lackluster campaign coverage have taught us anything, it's backbones are hard to come by -- even for men with friends in high places....more
This isn't the first time a Republican candidate advocated choice for his own family but no ...more