Iced Cinnamon Rolls

Feel yourself unwind as you strip off each cinnamon sugar bite of this sweet glazed roll....more

Fried Plantain Sundae with Chocolate Sauce

Attention fellow sweet tooth's, your day is about to be made. Behold, the ultimate indulgence; crispy, caramelized, fried plantains smothered in vanilla ice-cream and an out-of-this-world chocolate coconut sauce.  Go ahead, you can read that again....more

There are sweets, and there is a #Croccante

Dear friends, today we wanted to share with you a gem from the baking tradition of the surrounding villages in the province of Modena in the Emilia Romagna region in Northern Italy....more

Chocolate salami

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Creamy Milk Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge

 My cravings for fudge have been growing great now that I have a base for creamy fudge that I can turn into any flavor just by changing the chips that go into it!...more

Cake Batter Blondie's

9 Holiday Sweets

9 Holiday sweets for your table, dessert or gifting.

Sweet Nothings

I was just trucking along, enjoying a nice day at work when it happened. A few co-workers passed me in the hall and excitedly announced there was dessert in the conference room, as they opened up their circle to usher me in.“Oh, thanks so much—but I’m good!” “What? Oh come on! A little sugar rush won’t kill you!” “No, it won’t—I agree—I just don’t have a sweet tooth.”...more

Avocado Cheesecake , a not so good idea

Today's post is one of those crazy ideas gone wrong, yes the story of my Avocado Cheesecake.View Post...more

Oreo Balls

 Oreo balls are probably my favorite and easiest recipe to make for a holiday dessert!...more