Robert's Absolute Best Brownies

Get ready for the most amazing brownies - David Lebovitz's recipe for Robert Steinberg's Absolute Best Brownies - Sinfully Delicious!...more

Chocolate Chip Belgian Waffles

The typical Belgian Street Food - Chocolate Chip Belgian Waffles - not your ordinary breakfast waffle, eaten more like a snack with a glass of cold milk or serve with tea or coffee.  Recipe is so versatile, switch out the chocolate chips and add any fresh berry....more

Flourless Chocolate Cakes with Chocolate Glaze and Sugared Berries

Flourless Chocolate Cakes with Chocolate Glaze & Sugared Berries - These small cakes are dense but surprisingly moist.  They are rich in chocolate flavour.  I wanted to add a creamy element to the dessert so I iced with a chocolate glaze and also added another flavour dimension by garnishing with fresh, juicy, sugared raspberries....more

Chocolate Buttermilk Layer Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

If you are looking for an easy, extra special cake, Donna Hay's Chocolate Buttermilk Layer Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting is the way to go.  Decadently rich, super moist and absolutely scrumptious!...more

Double-Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Indulge in these over-sized, full of chocolate goodness double-chocolate chunk cookies, slightly under-cooked to get that perfect chewy texture....more

A True Blueberry Pecan Cake

Straight from my father’s kitchen is this Blueberry cake. It’s one of my favorite summer recipes. Read more......more

Mmmm blueberry cake would be really, really good right now.

Contributing Editor ...more

Baba au Rhum: A Cake With a Kick

Recently, after a late Sunday lunch in San Francisco with a friend, we perused the dessert menu and noticed a baba au rhum on the list. "Baba au rhum must be the molten chocolate cake of the moment," said my friend, who had seen the rum-soaked yeast cake on several menus around the area recently....more