Weekend Moon in Aries and Taurus – Crackle & Practicality

Beginning on Friday May 23, 2014, the Moon vibrates in energetic Fire sign Aries for most of the weekend. As always with Aries, ruled by “warrior planet” Mars, make sure you have something physical to do. All this sign’s energy can make it a fun time, but just reign in any aggressive urges, think before you act. Power down occasionally so that loved ones don’t feel that they are in the presence of a bulldozer, but by all means, take advantage of the action....more

Money Honey! New Moon / Solar Eclipse in Taurus 4/28 – 4/29

Taurus, the 2nd sign of the Zodiac is about security, finances and what is of value to you. All those things are highlighted with the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse in this grounded Earth sign on April 28 PDT / April 29 EDT. With both luminaries in Venus ruled Taurus, (the Sun since 4/19/14) romance, beauty, creativity are also strong influences. Time for a new love, a new project, a new budget?  ...more

Taurus Full Moon This Weekend 11/17/13

Weekend Moon in Taurus starts Friday November 15, 2013 and this Venus ruled Earth sign’s power will be intensified during the it’s Full Moon phase early Sunday morning.  As always with a “Full”, it is a good time to finish what you’ve started. With the grounded Taurus’ focus on security and the sensual, it makes sense to complete any money dealings and/or improvements to surroundings or self. Beauty and comfort, both financial and physical, is prime....more

Aries Full Moon, Weekend in Taurus

This month’s Full Moon is in the Fire sign of Aries on Friday October 18, 2013. During this Full phase, the Libra Sun is directly opposite and lights the Aries Moon. Rather than the more familiar crescent shape, the Moon is beautifully round. As it “wanes” on its way to the 3rd and 4th quarters, it’s a good time to finish up old projects, clean up messes that you have been staring at for the past few weeks....more

Earthy Taurus / Airy Gemini – Weekend Moon

Friday June 15, 2012 graces us with a Taurus Moon all day. Venus rules this sensuous yet finance concerned Earth sign. You may choose to either tackle that bank statement or, indulge yourself, and partner, with delicious, chocolate dipped strawberries. Remember, not all things are either/or. “AND” can often work very well too ...more
 @astrosandy You too! Have a great weekend :)more

Weekend Moon: Friday Taurus, Sunday Gemini “New”!

 May 18, 2012 could be a loving, luxurious Friday or a stubborn, determined one. When the Moon is in the Venus ruled, Fixed, Earth sign of Taurus, it’s all about sensuality, life’s beauty and pleasures, but it also brings forth the obstinate bull in us. Is there such a thing as inflexible love? Nobody wants to lose, give up/ give in, change direction. “Stickin-to-your-guns” works, until it doesn’t. Pay attention and accept when it stops. Regardless, surround yourself with good food, good people and good times. ...more

Vigorous Aries, Sensual Taurus – Weekend Moon Transits

The Sun is already in Aries when the New Moon arrives in the same sign on Thursday March 22, 2012. With both luminaries in Mars ruled Aries, expect a busy, rambunctious beginning to the weekend. (Just remember to power down if necessary.) However, the mood will shift, from the physical, aggressive 1st sign of the Zodiac to the 2nd– calm, gracious, Venus ruled Taurus on Saturday afternoon thru Monday evening....more

Moon Transits for the Weekend – Fierce Aries to Steady Taurus

A snap, crackle and pop Aries Moon will spread its Mars influenced energy Friday, February 24, 2012.  Make sure you have something physical to do. Keep recklessness to a minimum – only get close enough to the edge to stave off boredom. Play nice. Leave the flamethrower in the closet. (Kind of hard to walk back that type of conflagration no matter how many times you say”Sorry, my bad”.)...more

Full Moon in Affectionate, Practical Taurus 11/10/11

Feeling beautiful, stubborn and material? It might be the vibrations of the upcoming Taurus Full Moon on Thursday 11/10/11. This is a fixed, finance focused Earth sign guided by the elegant, luxury loving planet Venus. ...more

New Ride-Not Your Dad's Ford Taurus

I have a new car. It's a Ford Taurus. Only just get that idea out of your mind right now. It's not the Ford Taurus that I (and maybe you) remember. It's sleek and should I say? Luxurious!  I wasn't prepared to think that about a Taurus. Mine is white with leather interior and it has so many features on it I think I have to run by the dealership in the morning to learn how to operate it......But I'll manage, I think.....:)...more