7 Medicinal Teas

Are you a Tea lover like we are? Not only is one of our Mindful Girls (Alexis) in school for her Herbalism degree, all of us here drink it daily! As a matter of fact, I'm sipping on some honey chamomile as we speak - er - type. Knowing the medicinal properties and history of tea makes it much more enjoyable; with every sip I feel like I’m ingesting ancient history.   ...more

Island Coconut Loose Tea Blend

  Because it's cold outside and hot tea is the only thing right now that keeps me from going into total hibernation, I've been tinkering in the kitchen with some new loose tea blends. I stocked up with some organic herbs earlier in the year to help us live healthier and improve our overall well-being. Herbal tea soothes the soul, folks! Soul-soothing is what I need. Always....more

#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 19: Drinking Tea - part 2, a ritual

Yesterday, I wrote about how I love tea and how I was introduced to it. Today is all about rituals. My tea rituals....more

#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 18: Drinking Tea - part 1, a history

Tea!I know that I have mentioned it before and it is mentioned in just about every profile blurb for me all over the Internet: I am a tea enthusiast. I love, love, love tea. All kinds and in all ways....more

Just Pictures- How we Tea

Just Pictures: How we Tea...more


 picture courtesy of no wheat no dairy no coffeeWhen I was 16 I worked at my very first job. I ran a small coffee shop in my neighborhood. All day I made and drank coffee. I was a full fledged coffeeaholic from that summer forward.Every morning the first thing on my mind was "COFFFFFFEEEE" nothing else mattered until I got that brown liquid down my throat. Mostly because I knew if I didn't that the headache would set in. Not to mention I just could not think or focus with out it. The only exception was when I got pregnant and that was only because the smell of it made me want to instantly loose my lunch.So you can surely imagine that when I started my juice cleanse in July, I had absolutely no intention of getting off of coffee. ...more

The Many Benefits of Green Tea

I'm one of those odd people who really enjoys the taste of green tea and I began drinkng it way before I knew of its many health benefits...The Many Benefits of Green Tea ...more

The Surprising Reasons Why Coffee & Tea Are Amazing For You (INFOGRAPHIC)

Coffee and tea are very popular beverages that are enjoyed by billions of people worldwide. And even though we know that they are full of caffeine, we still drink them whenever we like. After all, there is nothing better than a hot cup of coffee or tea to cheer us up. Contrary to popular belief, they are filled with benefits that can contribute to keeping our health in check....more

On Second Thought ... I'll Have Tea

Before you pour that second cup of coffee, think about making it a cup of Tea instead....more