How I'm Hitting My Stride As A Teacher

What determines a person's workplace happiness, or lack thereof?Is it your supervisor's personality? Their management style? Your coworkers? The task you're there to do? The amount of freedom you're given? Or some combination of all of these?I ask because I am happier at work than I've ever been. I've been reflecting on the reasons why....more

Getting a call from the teacher

During our parent-teacher conference with my son's teacher, my husband and I did our best to ask the questions we had about homework, behavior, areas of improvement and strengths to develop for our son. (We did not ask about the brightly colored emails.) We did make sure that she knew that if there were any problems, we wanted to know about them....more

Getting to know your child's teacher

This year, I am going to be better prepared. In Kindergarten, I wasn't fully involved in the one (and only) parent-teacher conference I had with my son's teacher. I (somewhat naively) thought we would have more than one conference. But we didn't. And I missed my chance....more

Miss Them Much?

"I miss you much...more

To the Teacher Who Changed My Life

I’ve been pen pals with my second grade teacher for more than 20 years. As my favorite teacher in elementary school, she inspired both my love of horses, and more importantly, my love of writing. She has always been an inspiring source in my life, and I wouldn’t be where I am without her caring influence. She’s an example of the lifelong dedication great teachers have to inspire their students even after they have moved out of the classroom. ...more
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New Teacher's Guide to ELA Common Core Standards

With the implementation of the Common Core standards into my daily instruction, I have found my instruction is more targeted and purposeful. Because I teach 6th grade, the majority of my language arts lesson plans and resources are CCSS aligned for grades 4 through 8.While I have created tools for lower level readers due to the diverse levels of my student learners, I find based on DRAs, DIBELs, MAP testing, and other progress monitoring tools, my students are building their ELA skills in the range of grades 4-8....more

Erin Condren Teacher Planner: How a School Counselor Uses It

I promised this post FOREVER ago and just haven't done it for many reasons. Some of which aren't good ones, some of which are unimportant right now.  But, REGARDLESS, it is here!...more
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Teacher Drag: How One Hashtag Turned Me Into a Fashionista

What started as a sweet inside joke between me and my mom grew into something much larger. My friends started texting me how they loved seeing my outfits, and when I changed the privacy settings on my Instagram and made it public, I suddenly had a slew of fashionistas (and teachers) liking my posts and following me. ...more
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Ode To The Drama Teacher

Ode To The Drama TeacherAnd as you stand there: AghastBecause we’re three days from Opening Night andAdo Annie still doesn’t know her lines andThe Dream Ballet is a Nightmare andThe Light Board Op just got Detention…Let us now praise You.You, the Permanently Fatigued.You, the Loyal-to-the-Point-of-Self-Neglect.You, the Keeper of a Thousand-and-Eleventeen Secret Dreams.You are the one who makes it all Look So Easy....more