Tips for Selecting a Teacher


Happy Fourth of July to my American family and friends.It's a hot one today.  Nothing like a dripping tap, broken toilet and a mentally ill neighbour having an episode in the morning to set my teeth on edge for the day.  A slow Internet on an even slower PC isn't helping my disposition any.  But I am hanging in there.  I am determined to make the month as per status quo.  I breathe, drop my shoulders, clear my mind.  I close down the browser, shut the computer off and restarted everything.  Success!...more

Teacher Appreciation Gift

Many of us are just glad school is out.  No more rushing around in the mornings, no more making sure there is enough food in the fridge for cold lunches, no more homework!  But there is one thing left to do, and that is saying, "Thank you" to the teachers who have nurtured our children while at school.  Those who may have put band aides on or let the "I can't find it" slide just this once.  Let's give them some appreciation for their hard work so when they come back to school in the fall, they have some renewed gusto to give 100% to the new students.   ...more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: What did she do?

My first grader came home from school yesterday full of excitement for two things: a boy likes her and... her teacher got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from someone.I (being inquisitive... snoopy) asked, "Whom did she get them from?" My little did not know. And then her imagination sprang to life.Maybe she got them from someone she gave a ride to.Maybe she got them from a lady she helped at the store.Maybe someone was out of town and she watered their plants....more

"I Can't Do My Homework Because We Have Termites," and Other Lies My Son Told

So then…I open an email from Tucker’s 6th grade teacher that says: “Dear Mrs. Perdu: Tucker did not have his homework today; he told me this was because there was a termite infestation at home. I told him he needed to ask you to write a note explaining the situation, but he said that his family did not believe in writing notes. However, since our homework policy is not to accept late work, I would appreciate a note or an e-mail when unusual situations occur so that Tucker can receive full credit....more
Last December, my 5th grader told his teacher he was unable to complete his homework because his ...more

Teacher I Didn't Know Is a Hero

As a teenager who really loves literature, I was always confident; that includes giving my comments to others. Every comment was always right; or so I thought?...more

School shootings are different now...

When I first heard about the Newton shooting today, I was in my end-of-the-day prep period. I was done teaching for the day, and I stared in disbelief at the news rolling in on my Google+ newsfeed. At first, I thought it was just another school shooting. (It's sad that I can label anything "just another school shooting.") Then, I comprehended that it was an elementary school shooting where innocent children were killed by a father. ...more

Any job.....

  Today's prompt is about careers. If I were instantly qualified, what job would I do. When I was young, like in 6-9th grade, I wanted to be a trial lawyer. When I was in high school, I wanted to be in politics. I declared my major, as a freshman in college. Psychology. I promptly changed it my second semester to Italian with a minor in Political Science. Now my career was going to be working in U.N. as an interpreter....more

Learning about Pumpkins

Both our sons love science. I swear our oldest has the documentary Planet Earthmemorized. They have been putting up with my FREE Teacher Resource projects that have been a heavy load of literacy and handwriting skill building. So when I told them this week we were going to focus on science, they were all smiles.This week’s FREE Teacher Resource unit is Pumpkins. ...more

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