Be Somebody

I’ve known there’s a book in me since the fourth grade. That’s when my teacher, Miss Smith, removed her cat-eyed glasses and used them to point at me.             “Dana, this is excellent writing.”             She came toward me, my homework bunched in her hand. Knelt beside my desk and smoothed the pages. As she underlined various words and phrases with her pointer finger, I inhaled her fragrance—flowers and fruit. Strawberries maybe....more
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Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Be Your Own Teacher 3-8-12

The success you want in your career is available provided you’re wise and apply your business skills and mastery with responsibility in leadership roles.Being stubborn is restricting and likely making your life intense and unproductive.This is a time to cut your losses and move on, rather than be “stuck” in a situation, waiting for developments.Opposing Energies: resistance, stubbornness, uncooperative, thoughtlessnessWaiting is a non-action and produces no outcome....more

What NOT to Post

As promised from yesterday, today I will share about how teachers can lose their jobs due to off-campus conduct and speech. Doesn't sound fair, does it? I can do whatever I want on "my time." It's nobody's business but my own. Apparently that isn't so in the eyes of the law....more

I wish my daughter’s daycare teacher would smile every once in a while

Let me preface this by saying I really like my daughter’s daycare. Its got a great reputation, it meets or exceeds all the New York State standards for daycare facilities, and Emmy seems to trust her teachers and enjoy the company of her classmates. But would it kill her head teacher to smile every once in a while?...more
@victorias_view Yes, and we never know. She may have problems at home, be under financial ...more

Racism, Not Math

  Look at this................ If Frederick got two beatings per day, how many beatings did he get in one week?” read one math problem. Another question read, “Each tree had 56 oranges....more

The Student Who Taught Me

I met Ted the second semester I taught at a community college—just a few short years ago. He sat in the front row. His legs were too long to fit under the ridiculously small 1970’s desks we had then. The chair seemed tiny in comparison to his frame. He was a former Marine, 49, six-foot-five, and the oldest student in the class. Ted was even a couple of years older than the newbie instructor--me. When he first spoke up, challenging me on an essay we’d read for the English comp class, I thought, “What am I going to do with this dude?” ...more
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Who Do You Tell When the Bully Is the Teacher

I caught a story about a special needs girl being bullied -- by her teacher -- this morning on the Today Show. It stopped me dead in my tracks. It probably shouldn't have. Given all the crazy going around, it is probably par for the course, but I guess I'm more optimistic than I often give myself credit for. I want to believe that people are kind, generous, patient, and loving. Especially those who teach. You take on the responsibility of a classroom, full of kids. These kids have different abilities. And it's your responsibility to provide a safe learning environment for each of these children....more
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5 Obvious Signs You Live with a Teacher

 It’s report card season. My household reflects the lifestyle of busy educators on the move, especially around this time of year.Below are five telltale signs you live with a teacher. Feel welcome to share more in the comments section.1. Teacher version textbooks and guides cover most empty spaces in your bookcases and floor....more

Creating a Professional On-Line Presence

Any real teacher will tell you that the new year starts with the start of the new school year.  And just like people make resolutions in January for the new calendar year, teachers write goals in September to mark the new school year.  So here I sit faced with having to create goals before the school year starts -- which is tomorrow (but no pressure!).  These  are not goals and objectives for a lesson, for a unit of study, or even for students (although teachers create those also), but goals for myself as I continue to grow and develop as a...more

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