Act hot for a crush and not this heat

 Lately I've been walking up and down our hallways at school thinking up different ways to beat the heat (it was 90 degrees yesterday in Ms....more

Teacher Appreciation Week

"The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book." - Author unknown Teacher Appreciation Week is a chance to honor educators who not only teach the ABCs and 123s, but who also nurture our children and help shape their futures. This year it is being celebrated May 2-6.  There are many gifts you can buy or make for your children's teachers....more

The Perfect Parent

It’s not possible to be the perfect parent… I try, but I can never get to where I want to be. Let me tell you the most recent internal letdown. My son had a field trip scheduled today for the Children’s Museum. He loves going there and they’ve even got his favorite character, Bumblebee from Transformers, there on display. He was super excited to go and I was excited for him....more

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Sit Back and Watch the Parade!

Many years ago by now…Cece used to sit with a woman who was an old timer..who taught Cece about beginner’s mind.  They would sit together in her teacher’s home in front of the wood burning stove..hour upon hour, day upon day for over 12 years. ...more

Putting on my Armor: The IEP conference

Tomorrow is Parent Teacher Conference.It is also the day I meet with the school psychologist and special education team who oversee Emily's IEP.In many ways, one could assume that I am a pro at these meetings. I have been dancing this dance since she was three years old and I asked for testing for her speech issues. Not to mention the whole multiple degrees in education thing.The truth though? Is that I dread these meetings....more

Professionally, I am of the view that every child deserves an IEP, so that each child has ...more

Teacher Wears Leopard

When I became a teacher my number one goal (aside from being a stellar teacher) was to make sure I didn’t “look” like a teacher. You know the look—macaroni necklace, eyeglasses hanging from a beaded string, frazzled hair, floor sweeping broomstick skirts, and Birkenstock sandals. Aside from the frazzled hair part, I’ve managed to do okay....more

Everyone you meet in life is a teacher

Do you believe that everyone you meet in life is there to teach you something? That the world is our classroom and everyone is a teacher? Whether it’s for a fleeting moment, or randomly during a coffee break, or whether it’s a friendship that only lasts for a few months. These people are all teachers in one way or another, whether the experience was negative or positive. Even if the person hurt you in some way he or she is nothing more than just a teacher. The day that this concept really hit me in my bones was during one of my trips in Portland, OR....more

Let's Bring Physical Education to the Classroom

My child took her reading classes in a closet.  They moved aside the boxes (they couldn't remove them because there was no where else to put them, so they stacked them up against the walls) and brought in a little table and tiny chairs, and that closet was where she went for her reading group. Fun....more

What had happened was...

Recently, and not entirely of my own free will, I gave up teaching.  In essence, this is not a long-term goal.  Not yet, anyway.  I was offered a few positions as a teacher's aide, after having taught in a classroom of my own for the past five years.  Needless to say, I wasn't terribly thrilled to take a giant pay cut and be bossed around by someone who would have been my peer.  As it turns out, the need for classroom English teachers is not very high in this area these days.  ...more