I Don't Want to Volunteer at School and You Can't Make Me

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My daughter just started First Grade last week and everything is going well except for one thing. The one thing being that most of the other moms at the school are SAHMs (like me) and they volunteer in the classroom all of the time. I'm actually trying to start a small home-based business during the hours she's in school and want to devote my free time to that. But I've already had some of them pressure me or give me guilt trips because I haven't signed up to help out....more
I disagree with a few things written. Volunteering at school isn't about the other parents. It's ...more

'Twas the Night Before School Started

Note: I wrote this poem on August 18, 2010, for the first day of school.  Last year I posted it and so many said they enjoyed it, I decided to make it a yearly "Back to School" tradition!   Thought I would share it with you again.  May all of you have a blessed school year - whether student, teacher, or parent!...more

Stop Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week -- Unless You're Going to Do Something Else

Back when I was teaching in Canada (Linguistics courses at the University of Toronto), there was no Teacher Appreciation Week. I’m not even sure there was a Teacher Appreciation Day. And I find myself wondering if there should be one anywhere.Don't get me wrong. I know from experience that teachers work hard. I know that they are vital to the continuing success of our society and even of our planet. In my opinion, education, and therefore teachers, are key to just about everything.So why don't I think we should have Teacher Appreciation Week? Because I don't think society is truly appreciating teachers the way that we should....more
very interesting points. i agree. i think during TAW they should give teachers the FREEDOM to ...more

Gift Guide - For Teachers

All of us have had a teacher who has had a profound effect on our lives. One that may have influenced us by changing our future path or made us think of things differently....more

The Gift of Teachers

   Teachers amaze me.  They change lives every day with their magic.  NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) ended a few days ago.  Three 7th grade teachers encouraged their students to participate.  They gave students class time every day, a place to write, and motivated them with praise and competitions.  Their students wrote over three million words.  Seventeen of their students met the adult goal of 50,000 words in a month.  Pure magic!...more

First Do No Harm

My post for today, First Do No Harm - My Hippocratic Oath for Teachers http://teachfromtheheart.wordpress.com/2011/11/21/first-do-no-harm/...more


Please read this post carefully; there will be a quiz next week.“Seven billion.”A student in the back row asked a friend how many people were in the world, and I blurted out the answer as I was writing the day’s schedule on the whiteboard. I couldn’t control myself!“Three-hundred million,” I added when he inquired (still talking to his friend) how many people were in the U.S....more
My daughter and I are both bossy know-it-alls, though she is slowly and methodically putting me ...more

What was your favorite subject in school?

Summer is over and back to school thoughts fill the air.  We want to know what the BlogHer community remembers about school days.  Maybe you're helping your own kids with homework and a random formula pops into your mind, after lying dormant for years.  Maybe you are still going to school and preparing to write a paper....more
What about Family and Consumer Sciences (Home Ec.)? I loved it so much in high school that I ...more

Teacher Heroes

She was a young teacher, new to her ‘trade’. She was enthusiastic. She saw the potential in each student. She was planning her wedding, exciting, heady days to be sure but she did not lose her focus. Kids first second and last. And not just any kids but adolescents, the worst kind. Adolescents from a working class area. Their futures? Working in retail, the factories, blue collar trades....more

Your Thoughts: Teachers Blogging

Pull out a chair and sit down with your cup of coffee. It's time to have a little talk. Today's discussion: teachers blogging. A suspended English teacher who wrote negatively about her students on her blog will be returning to the classroom in a few weeks. Students at the school can request not to be in her classroom, and 60 students already have. It's one things for blogging parents to call their own children lazy online, but it's quite another for their teacher to do the same... or is it? ...more
I'm a blogger teacher too but I was also an risk teenager who registered as an abandoned child ...more